A Guest Post!

. Editors Note: This time around, were doing something a lil different – so you’re going to have to wait a little bit longer for the usual update from us! Our eldest daughter, son-in-law and grandson have been up for a quick visit, and it’s the first time any of them have been to Strigidae Farm. Thus … Read more…

Dame Washalot


Today it was time to whip up another batch of Laundry Liquid, although we still have about 4L left from the last batch, but we’re getting a bit sick of the empty containers cluttering up the kitchen bench, so rather than throw them out (GAH!) we’ll fill them back up, so that they aren’t taking up ‘wasted’ space somewhere.

AND – as we’d said that we would post

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Cyclone Prep

Looks like we’re in for a ‘compulsory’ weekend clean up around the Farm!! The possibility of a late cyclone has reared its head, and according to the media-of-the-moment, it may well cross the coast late sunday or early monday. Of course cyclones never go according to plan – so its always a case of watch … Read more…

Mid-March Already!

Good grief – we’re at the middle of March already! Not quite sure how that happened… The good thing about that though – is that its the start of Autumn, which should mean that the cooler weather will be on its way in a while, and thats a much happier time to be in the … Read more…