Lake Tekapo & Beyond.

We packed up our car, and our enlarged family (!), and headed for Tekapo. The drive is about 4hrs, taking it easy, and we stopped on the way for a cuppa and a bite to eat. The closer we got to Tekapo, the thicker the snow on the mountains became, and by the time we … Read moreLake Tekapo & Beyond.

Love is in the air….

I’ve haven’t been writing, cos I’ve been a lil caught up with my showing my beautiful new girlfriend the sights of the South Island. Ahhhh – that got your attention didn’t it!! Let me back up a bit… I went for a visit to the container mall with the Parentals the other day, and was … Read moreLove is in the air….


So, last night it was -4°. Right now, mid-afternoon, it’s 3°. The night air is already coming in – and it’s supposed be to colder tonight than it was last night. We’re huddled up on the couch, watching bad television, and being sooks today! 🙂

A lotta drivin’s been done!

Its been a busy week, and we’ve driven a long way. We stayed two days in Wellington – a city we really quite like. Went for huge walks around the port, piers, marinas and waterways, and again went in the cable-car, and visited the Te Papa Museum. The museum is such a huge place, over … Read moreA lotta drivin’s been done!


Ya should a been there!! That’s all I can say – YA SHOULDA BEEN THERE!!! Today was almost the most fun I’ve had all trip! The Parentals decided it was a great day for a walk. Now me, I’m not into walking so much, but I do soooo like site-seeing, so I snuck into the … Read moreOMG!!!!

To South of the North.

Wellllllll…… We note that Larry has been at the computer once again, and has been doing a bit of blogging on his own, but tonight he is laid up in bed, with a bit of a cold, as we have been in Napier since yesterday, and its cold enough to freeze the…..well, lets just say … Read moreTo South of the North.


So its been a busy few days since we left the great AU.  I was strapped in on the plane, and I’ve got to say that it made me feel a lil green around the gills, that whole take off business, and there were some clouds that i thought were marshmallows, but the Parentals told … Read moreJourneying!

While they’re away!

Parentals went out…..I got hungry…. The parental told me I’m never allowed to use the stove. So, I found a bankcard they left behind, and borrowed their laptop. They shouldn’t go out with me!!!   

At the ready!

The Parentals are busy working out what stuff they need for the trip. Jeans, boots, jackets etc etc etc I was getting a bit concerned, as the short one kept saying things to the tall one, like: “you don’t need that!” “go put that back away, its unnecessary”, & “leave that at home, it’s too … Read moreAt the ready!

Happy As Larry!

Larry is set up and ready for his trip.  He likes going on his little jaunts around this big beautiful world of ours, and has warned us that this time – he might just be hogging the camera a bit.  It seems that his mates (Hamish, Molly, Dusk & Blaze) don’t really believe him when … Read moreHappy As Larry!