• Winter on the Farm

    Winter on the Farm

    The rains have been in for the bigger part of the last month… Not the heavy deluges that are much needed around the country to fill tank and dams, but the mizzley rain (mist crossed with drizzle) that keeps you indoors, and turns everything to slush or mould… 😐 We have managed to get two new

  • Jammin’

    . Today we’re rockin’ it out – and we’re jammin’….! Strawberry Jammin’ that is 😀 Yep – you can buy home-brand strawberry jam for super-cheap at the local supermarket, but when you read the ingredients on the back of the jar/tin, it can definitely give you a case of the willies, wondering why allllll that unnecessary stuff is even in there – and wondering just how much actual strawberries it even contains… So – at the moment in our part of the world, strawberries are thriving, and if you don’t grow them, they can be purchased for around $4kg – so who wouldn’t want to make jam?!?! And today we…