• wtf 2019?!


    Its nothing short of terrifying to those of us that are getting older, how bloody quickly time marches on… We are obviously well overdue for an update – other than the random posts like the fact that the plants have been flowering – so being that the last proper update was in August, without further ado – let get into it!! September was a biiiiiig month – which started out with

  • Yo Peoples!

    Helllooooo Mofos!! Guess which good lookin’ Kiwi fella is showing his Mrs a good time tonight? Yep ME! That’s right folks! Me and the Mrs are gonna start this holiday off with a nice little bit of horizontal aerobics on this lovely plush bed here. Man oh man it’s huge!! Then we’ll have some dinner, and get a good few hours of sleep in before it’s time to front up at the airport. Hoping to con the Parentals into taking us for lunch by the sea tomorrow, so I might get to shoot you off a quick cheeky photo if I managed to win ‘em over!! Wish me luck –…

  • Hive of Activity

    . Its a hive of activity here this morning, with bags being dragged out of the shed where they have been packed away for the the last 18 months or so. Lots of going-through, separating, tossing/donating and washing to be done. Larry, Lucy and Katie are super-excited to be over-seeing all this activity, because they know that it won’t be long until all of us are heading ‘home‘ for the first time in two years, for a well-earnt break and some down-time… As many of you may recall, Larry does have a habit of posting on the website from time to time when we’re away and whenever he can sneak…