• Guest Post #2

    . This is Guest Post #2! This one is from our youngest son Thomas – and is his perspective from a visit back in August… NOTE: if anyone one else wants to do a ‘Guest Post’ – just write it up, email it to us, and we’ll get onto the business of formatting it and putting it up!     Well…! HOW INCREDIBLE!! For those of you that know Selina and I, you know that it really doesn’t take much to get us excited! So to try and put into words how amazing this place is, is a challenge to say the least! We arrived back on the Tablelands at…

  • Kiwi kidults return!

    . We’ve had the kidults that were in New Zealand for most of the last year, back home for the last two weeks. (aka the KWL team) They stayed at the house in town, and have been doing some wonderful work for us while they visited. There has been a lot that they have achieved over the last fortnight

  • You’ll never guess…!

    . We know you’ll be stunned to hear this – but we’ve had more rain! Almost a fortnight of constant drizzle if truth be told, and the odd day of sunshine that we saw prior to that, was definitely fleeting. But thats the usual way of winter up here in the North – but then come to think of it – then there are the summer storms… and then cyclone season… BUT there are always a couple of weeks each year that we start to panic though, ‘cos it hasn’t rained in “agessss“, and we worry about everything shrivelling up and dying 😀 All jokes aside though – we watch…

  • MORE visitors and job being done!

    . We’ve certainly had a few cold nights during the first couple of weeks of June, with the mercury hovering seriously close to ZERO °C on a couple of occasions. We’ve also had some light frost and the winds have amped up a bit, which adds to the

  • A Guest Post!

    . Editors Note: This time around, were doing something a lil different – so you’re going to have to wait a little bit longer for the usual update from us! Our eldest daughter, son-in-law and grandson have been up for a quick visit, and it’s the first time any of them have been to Strigidae Farm. Thus far they have only had photos, phone calls and our blog updates to base their understanding / knowledge of what we’re up to and what our long term plans are based around – but now – they’ve finally got to BE here, and so we thought it would be fun to include a Guest Post,…