About the Gay~Nomads Blog

If your reading this, chance are – that for some reason – you have an interest in what we are up to every now and then.

Soooooo – with that being said, we are going to try and make this somewhat of a regular thing –  so that we can give a marginal (generalized) overview of Life – as WE see it…… 🙂

We might not succeed in getting stuff put up as often as we want to – and sometimes our Blog may well be hijacked by other members of our ‘Family’, that feel the need to have a voice – so we guess you will be along for the ride with both of us; in seeing just what comes of this!

Use the links at the top of each page to take you where you wish to go – and also, please feel free to leave comments, should the mood so take you…

we'd LOVE to hear from you!