• Pickled Radish

    Pickled Radish

    Another canning job completed on the weekend! [recipes below] In the cooler weather we get a lot more plants producing abundant harvests in our garden, as the micro-climate creates perfect conditions for many of the crops that won’t grow well once the full-on heat of brutal summer kicks in. One of those things right now that we’re having a glut of, is

  • Introducing…


    Many of you will remember that for the first half a dozen years of our lives together we did quite a lot of camping up and down the east coast for two or three weeks at a stretch, a couple of times each year. When we moved up to the Tablelands, we stopped doing the east-coast camping trips, however we soon bought

  • Another Year Begins

    Well here we are most of the way through the first month of a new year already! As many of you will have noticed, we have been more active almost on the daily of late on our socials on fb and insta, which is why we haven’t been quite so diligent with writing a new blog post. Its also the reason that

  • October


    It’s been a very busy last month what with having luncheon with friends, two seperate visits from family members, and a friends wedding – we’ve had very little time at home over the weekends for down-time. Our youngest son came for a quick surprise visit with his lady-friend, arriving one Friday evening and having dinner with us on both the Friday and Saturday evenings, and then popping in to give lots of

  • Springtime


    -=- Spring is here, and everything is budding out, flowering, setting fruit, or has already grown at an amazing rate – as happens at this time of the year! We will take an intentional wander around in the next week or two to specifically take a pile of garden photos, and put them up to show you all how much it has come along in such quick time. It seems like only a few short weeks ago, that we planted out the purple and butter pole-beans that we had germinated in-doors during the cool, and already we are

  • early morning

    Early Morning

    A beautiful sunny Sunday morning, and a perfect time to be outside. So – before breakfast – it was out to have a quick wander around, and to harvest a few things while the morning dew was still on the leaves. Just a glorious way to start the day!!

  • Winter on the Farm

    Winter on the Farm

    The rains have been in for the bigger part of the last month… Not the heavy deluges that are much needed around the country to fill tank and dams, but the mizzley rain (mist crossed with drizzle) that keeps you indoors, and turns everything to slush or mould… 😐 We have managed to get two new