• To South of the North.

    Wellllllll…… We note that Larry has been at the computer once again, and has been doing a bit of blogging on his own, but tonight he is laid up in bed, with a bit of a cold, as we have been in Napier since yesterday, and its cold enough to freeze the…..well, lets just say Larry is a bit cold and grumpy.   Its been a little bit of an up & down, since we arrived in Russell.  On our first full day, we went to see our block of land that we planned on buying – only to find a big nasty red SOLD sign on it! Our hearts…

  • Journeying!

    So its been a busy few days since we left the great AU.  I was strapped in on the plane, and I’ve got to say that it made me feel a lil green around the gills, that whole take off business, and there were some clouds that i thought were marshmallows, but the Parentals told me different!! Once it was all smooth sailing, I was allowed to have a hot chocolate, and that made me feel a lot better 🙂 And I had a lil nap, so that i was super ready for whatever adventures lay ahead…. We arrived at our home-away-from-home of Russell, up in the Bay of Islands,…

  • While they’re away!

    Parentals went out…..I got hungry…. The parental told me I’m never allowed to use the stove. So, I found a bankcard they left behind, and borrowed their laptop. They shouldn’t go out with me!!!   

  • At the ready!

    The Parentals are busy working out what stuff they need for the trip. Jeans, boots, jackets etc etc etc I was getting a bit concerned, as the short one kept saying things to the tall one, like: “you don’t need that!” “go put that back away, its unnecessary”, & “leave that at home, it’s too heavy”. So – I figured I’d best make very sure I don’t get left behind. I’m at the ready!!! ?   

  • Happy As Larry!

    Larry is set up and ready for his trip.  He likes going on his little jaunts around this big beautiful world of ours, and has warned us that this time – he might just be hogging the camera a bit.  It seems that his mates (Hamish, Molly, Dusk & Blaze) don’t really believe him when he sprouts off about the amazing things he has seen on his travels – so he’s aiming to provide evidence. Or so it seems…. We’ll see…