So its been a busy few days since we left the great AU.  I was strapped in on the plane, and I’ve got to say that it made me feel a lil green around the gills, that whole take off business, and there were some clouds that i thought were marshmallows, but the Parentals told me different!!

Once it was all smooth sailing, I was allowed to have a hot chocolate, and that made me feel a lot better 🙂

And I had a lil nap, so that i was super ready for whatever adventures lay ahead….

We arrived at our home-away-from-home of Russell, up in the Bay of Islands, rather late at night, and we were tired, so the parents left me in the room, while they ducked out to let some friends down at the Waterfront, know we had all arrived safely.

Seems they were happy to see the short & tall ones again!

Had an easy dinner, one of our very favourites when we are travelling actually, of hot&spicy noodles and toast, and then climbed into bed for some very much needed sleep. (the Parentals made me a bed on the couch, out in the lounge-room, which i thought was a bit cruel. They had a pile of fluffy pillows and doonahs, and I just had couch cushions and a cover!)

Next morning was beautiful and sun-shiny. Gorgeous morning! So we decided to go and have breakfast at Sallys – as we do!
Yummy, scrummy, Eggs Benedict, for the tall Mumma and Bacon & Eggs for the short Mumma – and i just got a bit of each of ‘em 🙂

Ohhhhhhh but what a view.

Happy Happy Larry i tell ya!

What a privilege to wake up to this each and every day…

Yesterday we went for a drive to KeriKeri, and then had lunch back at Piahia, where I was allowed to play on the park piano.
It was soon much FUN!

I had a bit of a hard time getting the lid open to start with, but then the tall Mumma gave me a bit of a leg-up, and some help with the lid, and I was on my way to entertaining the masses!!

 I got a lil embarrassed at being watched – so I went in and hid in Mummas bag.

Today – the wind and rain came in overnight.

It was really quite heavy and blowy through the night – and the tall Mumma slept right through it, but the short Mumma got up a time or two through the night.

She tells me it was to check i wasn’t scared (and i pretended i wasn’t), but i think that she really just wanted to pee!!!

(Ive never known a woman to pee as much as that one does…..

Anyways – tonight we are staying at our lovely friends, Ian & Idas place.

Last time the Parentals had a sleep over at their place, rumour has it that it got loud and messy.

Lots of drinking, eating, dancing, singing and merriment to be had – so i’m looking forward to it, and preparing myself.

 Depending on what we are up to tomorrow, Ill let you know how it went – at some point 🙂

See ya when I can next sneak the use of one of the Parentals phones !!!!:))))

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