• MORE visitors and job being done!

    . We’ve certainly had a few cold nights during the first couple of weeks of June, with the mercury hovering seriously close to ZERO °C on a couple of occasions. We’ve also had some light frost and the winds have amped up a bit, which adds to the

  • A ‘real’ Farm

    . Just a quick post today… Based on the criteria on which our grandson goes by, we now have a ‘real‘ Farm. Strigidae Farm wishes to announce the arrival of Izzy and Jac. Welcome additions to our crazy fun-filled Family. They’ll get to be lazy fertiliser generators over the Winter, but come Spring, they’d best be earning their keep popping out the occasional egg – or they’ll be making a fine soup! 😀  

  • Winter Is Coming

    . Its been a big time for us at Strigidae Farm – with a lot going on. So strap in – this might end up being a long one!! Firstly – it has been an incredibly difficult time emotionally for us both,

  • True Colours

    . We thought that today, we’d just give you a bit of a look at the beautiful colours around the Farm, as we head in to winter. (sorry the photos don’t do justice, it’s a grey drizzly day, so the colours haven’t really translated as vibrantly as they look!) We love, love LOVE this time of the year!! 😀