• ps to Northland

    . PS to the Northland post: Cant make any promises sorry – but have got the video of ‘Chef Suzette‘ down to less than half its original size! Hope it works for you 😀 xx  

  • Northland

    . Well it seems that more than a couple of people were worried that we had been hacked, following the recent posting on the Strigidae Farm website. Fear not folks – we’d only ‘sort of’ been hacked.

  • Yo Peoples!

    Helllooooo Mofos!! Guess which good lookin’ Kiwi fella is showing his Mrs a good time tonight? Yep ME! That’s right folks! Me and the Mrs are gonna start this holiday off with a nice little bit of horizontal aerobics on this lovely plush bed here. Man oh man it’s huge!! Then we’ll have some dinner, and get a good few hours of sleep in before it’s time to front up at the airport. Hoping to con the Parentals into taking us for lunch by the sea tomorrow, so I might get to shoot you off a quick cheeky photo if I managed to win ‘em over!! Wish me luck –…

  • Countdown

    . Its only a few short days until we head off for a couple of weeks of much needed leave. Its been two years since we last ventured away from home, and Life has certainly change a lot from what it looked like back then…