• A Guest Post!

    . Editors Note: This time around, were doing something a lil different – so you’re going to have to wait a little bit longer for the usual update from us! Our eldest daughter, son-in-law and grandson have been up for a quick visit, and it’s the first time any of them have been to Strigidae Farm. Thus far they have only had photos, phone calls and our blog updates to base their understanding / knowledge of what we’re up to and what our long term plans are based around – but now – they’ve finally got to BE here, and so we thought it would be fun to include a Guest Post,…

  • RECIPE: Dame Washalot

    . Today it was time to whip up another batch of Laundry Liquid, although we still have about 4L left from the last batch, but we’re getting a bit sick of the empty containers cluttering up the kitchen bench, so rather than throw them out (GAH!) we’ll fill them back up, so that they aren’t taking up ‘wasted’ space somewhere. AND – as we’d said that we would post