MORE visitors and job being done!


We’ve certainly had a few cold nights during the first couple of weeks of June, with the mercury hovering seriously close to ZERO °C on a couple of occasions.
We’ve also had some light frost and the winds have amped up a bit, which adds to the chill-factor – but thats to be expected – it is winter after all!

Whilst we still haven’t quite finished the insulation on the ceiling, and not all the walls are yet lined, it makes us very appreciative of that which we have managed to get in place, before the cold weather hit.
Its already a big bit chilly late at night and early in the morning, and it doesn’t even bear thinking about, what it would be like if we had none!!! 😐

Thus far, the gardens have fared well during this first cold snap, so hopefully we’ve located them well enough during the planning, and we’ll continue to be able to nurture them through the future drops in temperatures that are yet to come.

We’ve both been back at work full on as of last week – so that lil ‘necessity’ has once again been taking up the lions share of our time.

You may recall that in our last blog post, we had been discussing whether or not we have ‘officially’ moved out here to the Farm – and we were indecisive about it what the answer was…
Well, with think that (rather unintentionally) we might well have!!

We haven’t slept at the house in town for over four weeks now, and whilst we do plan to again – at some point – it just doesn’t seem to have happened this week either. lol
We’re mostly going there just to wash clothes of late – which makes it probably one of the most expensive laundromats in the state! GAH!

Being that we are the Queens of Procrastination at times, staying out at the Farm so much is less than ideal, as it gives us ‘permission’ to not get the necessary things down around the house in town, to prep it for sale.
We’re just going to have to be a firmer with ourselves!!
After all, by not doing whats needed, its just dragging out the financial pain of running two residences – which is not only ridiculous, but certainly not something we need, or can afford!!

But, but, but……its soooooo nice, and soooooo relaxing out at the Farm….!!!

And in other news that will further ‘allow’ us to procrastinate on this little matter – our youngest son and his family will be coming home from New Zealand early next month, and are hopefully planning to come and stay and help out for a little while – so they’ll stay at the house in town, and in exchange for food and accomodation, will help with the clean and pack-up of the town house.
WIN WIN for all of us! 😀

June has also been a bit full of ‘milestones’, as far as the Family goes.
It was one of our sons 26th birthday, it was the Anniversary of the death of Mum/Mum-in-Law Dallas, the Anniversary of the death of Dad/Father-in-Law Mac, and we would also have been celebrating Digbys first birthday…!

We’ve also had our youngest daughter and our son-in-law pop up for a lightening quick visit, so they could go wedding cake taste-testing, as part of the planning for their November nuptials.

As has become the standard when Family visit – they have again helped us by wonderfully getting some of the ‘bigger’ chores knocked over, while they were here.
They bought out our huge lounge from the house in town, cleaned guttering, helped get a bit more of the Hoop-House done, and sanded our kitchen backsplash – as well as keeping us thoroughly entertained with their stories and chatter.

In other news about the place, our two new-to-us bantams Jac and Izzy are settling into “Cluck Manor” quite happily, and when Molly and Hamish finally ‘found’ them the other day – they became more than a little excited.
MEALS ON WHEELS was their immediate thought. lol

The builders have started work on the house on the block on our western side – it looks like its going to be quite a huge house, and as we tend to do – we wonder why people ‘waste’ so much money and land on huge abodes, when the reality is, that if most people truely examined their lives, they spend the majority of their inside-time only using about 3 rooms, often almost never going into some rooms, or using others as just a walkway to get from one room to another.
(Formal dining rooms are a prime example of this!)

But we digress – its probably a lot smaller than it looks from this side of the fence! 😀

At the moment, the new neighbours are staying in town until their house is further ahead – but they come out each day and work around their Farm, planting trees, chopping firewood, watering, planning etc – so we get to have almost daily chats with them.
They seem a nice couple – a bit older than us, with a happy spaniel named Rumpole, and hopefully as time goes on, we’ll be able to have a form of resource-sharing with them.

We finalllllllllly found the elusive picnic table we have been wanting since we first found the block, and got it at an embarrassingly ridiculous price.
And before anything is said – time constraints and priorities had waylaid us from making one!!

Its soooo lovely to be able to sit out there during the day in the winter sunshine, and at the end of the day, having a cuppa and soaking in the good vibes and watching the glorious colours in the sky as the sun goes down behind the hills, is just bliss.
(Its also not too shabby being able to sit outside amongst it all, and blog or work, while having a cuppa either!)

Annnnd – we’ve had a new external gas hot water system packed away for about a year and it finally got pulled out of the box and set up, this past weekend.
The inaugural showers were pretty exciting, but after so many months of using a camp shower, its a smack-in-the-face reminder of just how much water gets wasted when you use continuous flow!
Even though that water goes on the gardens – it still strikes a big chord…

Our Worker-friend T will be back this week, and the driveway is in desperate need of his attentions, so that will be the first cab-off-the-rank for him to get done.
And then of course there is the filling of some more garden beds… 😀
No easing him back into Farm-life gently unfortunately!
The driveway currently has more corregations than our shed, which is not only crap for the cars, but isn’t so flash on the body either…

And last but not least, we scored a super-cute ironing board from the Recycle shop, for the princely sum of $2.
It does the job splendidly -AND is so easily stashed away out of view, due to its size.

So thats it for this round!
Hope you are all staying nice and cosy, and until next time – look after you!

Delivery of the big-ass couch.
Hamish is quite happy to have ‘his’ back couch in residence.
Mary sanding our splash-back, with her appropriately home-made PPE.
Sam cleaning gutters and taking down the tarp.
Sam and Mary help put in central supports.
Soooo nice to be able to sit in the winter sun, and to watch the sun go down in the evenings.
Our new gas hot water system, for the shower.
Our super-cute $2 ironing board from the Recycle shop.
Home-grown vegies.
(yep, the carrots need thinning lol)
New resident Jac & Izzy are settling in well to “Cluck Manor”

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