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Editors Note:
This time around, were doing something a lil different – so you’re going to have to wait a little bit longer for the usual update from us!

Our eldest daughter, son-in-law and grandson have been up for a quick visit, and it’s the first time any of them have been to Strigidae Farm.
Thus far they have only had photos, phone calls and our blog updates to base their understanding / knowledge of what we’re up to and what our long term plans are based around – but now – they’ve finally got to BE here, and so we thought it would be fun to include a Guest Post, which was dutifully and (
thankfully) enthusiastically written, by our eldest daughter. (yep – we’re a bit proud!!)

Planning our trip north is always a lengthy process.
The idea comes first, which I sit on for a while because the thought of being on The Tablelands always brings on the nostalgic feelings.
The air, the people, the whimsical sense of being.
So really, I baste in the essence of the experience as a whole, before I even set foot in FNQ.

Second is the arranging, dates change, work is always more important and for this particular trip, a golf day had us rearranging *bows head*.
After we’ve all sorted the tall mum out with minimal appointments; and getting time off work for both of us, we’re set.
But that brings the wait…
Every day drags & I’m not being dramatic.
The excitement grows, but then dread of washing & packing also sinks in.

I go to bed & think…soon I get to see my 2 favourite Wimmin in the whole entire world.

Right skip all my feelings & we get to actually arriving.

This trip is nothing like any of the other hundred trips.
THIS trip was our very first visit to Strigidae Farm.

My envy and jealously of the other kids’ visits melted away.
It was finally my turn to put my love to work, & help out.
(and I’m praying my photo proof of working is shown in an upcoming blog) 🙂

Well didn’t my heart skip a beat & a smile grow on my tired face when we pulled up to a beautiful green open space, with the Mummas shed standing tall surrounded by everything that means life (including all the bundles of ‘useful’ things they plan to utilize).

I would like to throw it out there at this very moment…I am so proud.

Its quite a confusing state of realisation that when you hit adulthood (I’m 29 & have being living as an adult for many years) that you can actually be proud of your parents.

Although I always have been – but this moment of euphoria for my parents – was enlightening.

They helped us grow, they helped us learn, they have supported us, funded us, pushed us, consoled us… & during all this, they had time to sit down at the end of the day to plan the rest of their lives the way THEY wanted to live.

And this is it…Strigidae Farm.

I walk around & I can envision every little bit of blood, sweat & tears, swearing, huffing & enjoyment.
At times I believe it might involve some guess work, all the other times, its strategic planning, researching, purchasing then finally the building and all the planting.

Watching what you plan to consume – grow in front of you – must be such a feeling of success.
I yearn to have those moments in the future…

Can I have a moment to talk about the food?

My God – freshly grown, plucked and cooked produce in a home cooked meal is to die for!
If I was on death row, I would ask for a Strigidae produced meal (& freshly cooked bread).
I have even taken photos of 2 books I plan to purchase, to bring some of this bliss into my own life.
Food to me is pure bliss!!!

Next time I would love to watch them dry food, pickle, jam & store all the goodies they’ve grown.

Right, so back to actually being present at the Farm (where I had to remind my son that this farm has no other animals yet, except the puppies).

My partners’ fencing abilities showed through immediately, when The Mummas mentioned that the dogs were getting through the fence.
Out came the roll of wire, snips & those pesky little ‘C’ clips and within only an hour or so, there was a double wired fence.
Go you, my love!

I got straight onto building a garden bed.
It was like any other flat pack item, although I was lucky enough that the instructions were easy peasy – and having built garden beds for the Mummas before, I was right to handle that all on my own.

During the down-times, is always my favourite time…
We get to giggle at the tall Mummas’ ‘slowness’ to catch on to things, listen to them both share their plans, what they’ve done and the knowledge – all while eating, drinking coffee & laughing.

I walk away recognising the good in them has been embedded in me, which once again makes me proud of all of us.

When I was asked if I’d like to write a guest post, a wave of anxiety hovered, then I just started typing.
Close friends and family had a rare chance to choose whether they’d like to get an idea of how it feels to be here, from a different point of view.
We are so widely spread, it could take one years to get here to see what Sarah & Suzey have achieved…

Because we could only allow ourselves one & half days up here, it feels like we haven’t achieved much but then the Mummas thank us for the work we’ve done, and how every little bit helps, and I think to myself: I have finally succeeded in putting my bit of love into Strigidae Farm.

I understand what the end result is for.

I have never doubted, questioned or judged my beautiful Mummas for their choices & this is why:
They are successfully not only building the life THEY want to live, but are being environmentally thoughtful, saving money, and being as self-sufficient as needed – all to be happy, wise & grow old together.



Our grandson and Molly having an in-depth discussion.
Molly is obviously learning a LOT from the lil man.
Our eldest daughter putting together the raised bed, which will sit right about where she’s putting it up.
Had it all together in no time! ( photo proof!! lol )
Our Son-In-Law and Grandson, putting the rapid-set into the post-holes, and watering it in.
Alas when the fencing was first done, it was only ‘sorta’ done – but it served the purpose for a while..
Our eldest daughter and our grandson.
They’re lovin’ the Strigidae Farm life!
Our son-in-law levelling the tops of the fence-posts.
Look at how awesome that double layer fencing is!
There will be no little canine escapees now!
A Hoop-House was also on the agenda for the weekend.
There will be more written about this in an upcoming post…
Our eldest daughter also put together another rack of shelving for the plants to go on, while they are still in the ‘nursery’ stage of life.
Also done in double-quick time!
Just in case you were too busy looking at our son-in-laws bum and legs – heres a pic of the fence, so you can truely appreciate the accomplishment achieved! 😀
On the trip back home, and Life at Strigidae Farm has taken it outta the lil fella!
Note the appropriate work-shirt. lol


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