A Year On…


Its just over a year since we first drove down the driveway together, and laid eyes on what was to become Strigidae Farm – and our eventual home.

There was just a paddock full of long grass, and an uninsulated, unlined and unloved 3 bay 9m x 7m color-bond shed that the owner was storing loads of old junk (and rats!) in.

But we could see soooo much potential in the place, and could easily envision that old shed eventually being our Home.
Basically – we fell in Love!

We’ve done a lot of work over the last year, particularly inside the shed, but also around the Farm.
And of course we’ve mowed and brush-cut endless bloody miles of grass!
We’ve been fortunate enough along the way to have some much appreciated help from a range of people, with various things… And a big shout-out of thanks to those folks!!

Slowly, we’ve created a Home that we adore, and can’t wait to come home to at the end of each week – even though it is far from finished.

As the sayings go: “the best-laid plans of mice and men, often go awry” & “we make our plans, and god laughs at them“.
Those saying became sayings for a reason! lol

We’ve always tried not to use the word ‘plan’ when we’re discussing something – because we just know its sooooo not gonna happen how we think or hope it will…!

Having said all that – some things have gone to plan well over the last year, and some things not-so-much…

Probably the least-gone-to-plan plan was that we had hoped we would be sufficiently organised to move from the house in town out to the Farm full-time around christmas / new year – but its now quickly coming up to almost 6 months past that time – and we still haven’t fully moved out of the house in town.

There have been a number of spanners-in-the-works that have delayed the move:
– suitable fencing for the dogs around the house-yard
– waiting on fencing quotes that are still yet to appear
– bad backs
– incessant rain
– a full-on work schedule
– lack of a trailer
– people not turning up when they say they will
– needing to insulate against the heat
– exhaustion
– free time taken up by mowing, mowing, and did we mention mowing…?
– one of us being laid-up for over a month
– lack of muscle-power
– poor organisation at times
– and of course, you can only do so much when you don’t have unlimited financial resources! 😀

We’re not wildly disappointed though!

Sure – it would be nice to wave a magic wand and have everything done thats needs to be done for us to be able to move in full-time, but then if that were a possibility – we’d be robbing ourselves of allll the wonderful experiences that will happen along the way – and we don’t want that…

Whilst its sometimes frustrating, the having-to-wait makes the time that we do get to spend at the Farm, that much more delicious, special and something that we truely cherish every moment of…

We’re certainly nowhere near done with this Adventure yet – not even close – so we hope you’re ready for at least another year of us keeping you updated. 😀

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