And so it began!

Welcome to the inception of Strigidae Farm.

Firstly, a little bit of background.

We are Suzey & Sarah – married, Mummas of 7, working outside the home as a Sales Executive and a Nurse/Manager, we’re Grand-Mummas to 3 and we are in our 50s!

When we first moved up to the Tablelands, we wanted to get some land but at the time five of our seven kids were still in school, and we decided that for the time being, we needed to be living in town so that the kids would have easy access to schools, part time jobs, activities and their friends.

Well, its now twelve years that we’ve been here – and we’ve quietly been tossing around in our minds, that its maybe getting to the time to be looking at a more simple Life.

Obviously, we aren’t getting any younger.
And for us, we’ve found that the older we’re getting, the less ‘brave’ we are – and the idea of conquering new frontiers, with very little money, no jobs, and no guarantees – isn’t something that’s within our comfort zone any more…


One Sunday, in the middle of April, Suzey and I had to head out to Ravenshoe, as she had an appointment out there with some clients.
I don’t usually go on appointments, unless its to a remote area, or the client “raises the hairs on the back of her neck”, but we’ve always figured – no questioned asked – its so much better to be safe than sorry – as we both very much trust our gut instinct, so this was one I was heading off to with her.

And the bonus was that, being a Sunday, we planned to head into Ravenshoe afterwards, and treat ourselves to lunch at the Pub!
However; neither of us was particularly hungry once the meeting was over and done with, so we decided to head back through Herberton, and have lunch at the Pub there.

Whilst the lunch was unequivocally unpleasant on that particular day – with overcooked chicken, and half-cooked fish, we were enjoying the rarity of just spending some time together, talking, driving, and taking in the scenery.

On the way home from the Pub, we stopped in at Carrington – an area of the Tablelands we’ve always been quite taken with, to have a look at a block of land which was on the market, and which not only didn’t have any covenants, but also had a huge 7.5m x 9m three bay colorbond shed on it.

After spending some time wandering round, talking a bunch, getting a general feel for the block, and a bit more thinking and talking – we headed home.

And this is how Strigidae Farm began…

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