Our Visit To The Shire: Hobbiton was one of the BIG “must do” things on our NZ list, and we woke up very excited to be heading off on our Adventure. A little trepidation was involved though, after having enforced down-time in Rotorua, due to the insidious thermal sulphur fumes that you just can NOT … Read moreHobbiton


Oh gawd it is soooo COLD tonight!!! Guess when we were driving up here, the road-side signs saying: “Drive Carefully – Beware of Ice”, should have been a clue… Added Later: Yup, no wonder we’re cold. Out having a cuppa after dinner – and it’s 2degrees!!!!

Beloved Pop

We haven’t posted for a few day – as you’ll have noticed maybe. A wonderful man left our family this week, losing his battle with cancer. Pop – you will be missed by all whose lives you touched xxx ❤

Whitianga Cruise Photos

Just a few pics from the cruise, so you have an idea of the beautiful sights… Click on the first photo, and you’ll be able to scroll through the rest. SUCH incredible beauty that photos just don’t do justice…

Coromandel Peninsula

Sarahs Views: You’ve all heard of “murrie-time”, I’m sure. Ya know how it is: I’ll be there at 10″, can mean mean anything from around 1045 to about 2ish… Well, here they have Kiwi Kilometers. Atherton to Mareeba? About 40ks, about 20 mins. Here, one does NOT ask how far it is, but rather how … Read moreCoromandel Peninsula


Suzeys Views: Picked up rental car, not a bad car, one slight difference to a car that we are use to – the hand brake is activated by foot, and it just happens that the seat raiser is where a normal hand brake lever would be.  Yes, what your thinking is exactly what happened. Nearly … Read moreWhitianga

Early Daze

SARAHS VIEW: So, today was pretty farkin funny – well *I* think it was anyways!!! The morning began innocently enough.  Woke up without an alarm, a phone ringing, or nagging animals. (bonus!!!) Coffee, then got the hotel shuttle bus to the airport to go pick up our hire car.   Then off to “Countdown”, which as … Read moreEarly Daze