Coromandel Peninsula

Sarahs Views:

You’ve all heard of “murrie-time”, I’m sure.
Ya know how it is: I’ll be there at 10″, can mean mean anything from around 1045 to about 2ish…
Well, here they have Kiwi Kilometers.
Atherton to Mareeba? About 40ks, about 20 mins.
Here, one does NOT ask how far it is, but rather how long it takes…
Take yesterday as a fiiiine example. 61kms to where we wanna go. Kewl – says us, about 45mins at the most…

Ohhhhhh HELL NO!!!
Try well over two and half hours!!!
I was about ready to start eating the luggage by this point! And we knowww I do not get nicer as I get hungrier…

Suzey found a cafe before I started sticking sharp things into her temple. Smart grrl that one!

Ordered a hamburger. Checked what was on it with the lady serving.
Meat patty, tomatoe, lettuce, carrot, sauce.
Ok, can you put some cheese in it too please?
So you want a cheese burger?
I don’t know – what does a cheese burger have on it?
Same as a hamburger, but with cheese, but if you have a hamburger and add cheese to it, it’ll cost you extra.
Ohhhh FUCK ME!!!
Yes ma’am, I’ll have a cheese burger then – thanks.
Sickly smile.

Today we went out in a cruise-jetboat boat. About 2 1/2 hrs worth of tour around the islands off Whitianga & Cook.
Amazing scenery, and seriously steeped in history, this area.

Ya sorta tend to forget that Cooky – aka Capt James Cook- did much else other than piss off the Murries of Aus, by poking a flag in the dirt in 1770.
But prior to that, back in ’69, he pissed off the Maori folk first!!

Today we saw his original landing beach, where as it turned out, he actually ran the Endeavour up on the beach at king tide – intentionally – so that he could give the ole grrls belly a much needed scrub.
Kinda hard to imagine just how they got that fucker upright and back into the water…

There are huge white volcanic cliffs here, very similar to the “White Cliffs of Dover”, with amazing patterns etched into them by time, tide and weather.
Also from those same forces, and of course from the way nature just does its stuff, there are huge spectacular caves, that you can actually go into, in the boat.

We were in a glass bottom jet boat, so also got to view some pretty cute marine life, swimming about below us…

We even saw some fur-seals!!!
Rollypolly not-so-lil chappies….Made me feel almost slender they did!!!
(says she as she quaffs a decent Shiraz and some cheezles!)

We’re having another quiet-night-in tonight.
I’m quite happy (as usual!) to while away the evening, just the two of us, talking, laughing – and just being…
Even though we do get to spend many of our evenings at home alone together, the phone rings lots, life needs taking care of, including the house and animals, and we are usually both so overwhelmingly tired we can barely think, let alone formulate decent sentences….

We will pop up some photos soon too, and Suzey is busy writing away for y’all too 🙂
More soon!!! x

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