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We had a lovely few days surrounded by Family, with everyone getting together for the first time in ages, for the Wedding of our youngest daughter to her beau of 11 years.

Its surreal to think thats its already a week ago! 😐

The Friday before the wedding was when all of our family members (except one – sadly Patrick couldn’t join us until the next day) arrived, so we had a barbecue in the evening down on the lakeside.

There were about 15 of us all up – and despite the winds picking up and most of the Southerners being caught out by the cold, it was a great evening with lots of love and laughter.

Saturday was Wedding Day – and the day went off fantastically without dramas, and the Bride & Groom both looked radiantly happy.

Whilst many of us ‘oldies’ (and the grand-babies) snuck off early to our beds after a very long day – the younger crowd continued on until about midnight – dancing up a storm and having a thoroughly fabulous time.

We were so pleased for them that it all went so well…

There was nearly a bit of hitch to the proceedings though, as when by the day before the wedding was due to take place – we still hadn’t been paid the dowry for our daughter – which in this case, we’d been assured for years – would be a goat.

A goat we had not received!!

Luckily – at almost the very last minute, the groom-to-be turned up with none other than the cutest little goat-kid, tucked up in his arm, and duly presented it – with suitable gravity becoming of the situation – to two very relieved and happy Mummas.

For a second there, we thought he might have used the unpaid dowry as an excuse to try and dip out of the wedding!! ??

Another event was also being celebrated on the Wedding day – it was the tall Mummas birthday, and it was a beautiful and very special way to celebrate it…

Sunday morning we all had a post-wedding buffet breakfast together at the Reception venue, before each group headed off in our seperate directions.

Sadly – some had to leave for their homes, or catch flights right after the breakfast – but those that were left, headed out with us to the Farm – with it being the very first time for some of them.

First order of the day was to have a cuppa, but after that our sister-in-law Bron and brother Pierre rallied the troops and instigated a working bee.

How lucky are we!!??!!

One of our neighbours has made the decision that they are no longer going to build on their block, and have thus decided to put it on the market.
As a result, they also decided to sell of some of their surplus items around their block, prior to putting the block up for sale, and offered us first dibs.

Two things we were very interested in.
A chicken coop, and a veryyyyy large raised garden bed made out of left over bits of their newly erected shed.

We weren’t quite sure how we were going to get either of those things over to our place – but the impromptu working-bee sure solved that little problem!!

It was all hands on deck except for the young and the useless.

Logs were taken over to the adjoining property, and after some to-ing and fro-ing, a system was set up whereby the coop was set atop the logs, which thus became rollers, and was slowly and steadily rolled over to our back corner, where the big chook-run is going to be.
So, another extension of ‘Cluck Manor‘ is now proudly in place, awaiting new residents.

Whist all this was going on, the ‘useless’ were busy making bulk bread for the evening meal and the next days breakfast, as well as taking photos of all the action going on, and keeping an eye on the small kids.

Next was the big garden bed – which when we next looked up – had miraculously managed to be hoisted up onto the entire groups shoulders and was being walked over the paddocks, to be placed over the old burn-off / fire area.

It was certainly an amazing sight to not only see the 5m x 2m monstrosity proudly ‘walking’ over the paddock – but to see everyone working so well together!

We’d mentioned earlier in the morning that we wanted to get the old fridge put into the shipping container (for storage), as we’ve decided not to sell it just yet, as we’re a bit worried that our big old stainless one is about to clap out, and we don’t want to be left with no way of keeping things cold.

We’d also discussed bringing the exterior cladding for the front of the Farmhouse inside from the container, so that we could get a start on painting it, before we install it.

Next minute – the fridge was swooped up by a couple of strong lads, and taken out to the container, and the cladding was swooped up by another group of muscly arms, bought in, and laid out inside next to the sideboard all ready to paint!!

Crikey – that team of workers sure did knock over a lot of big jobs – and we couldn’t be more appreciative or awed by how much was achieved so very quickly!!

Two Mummas who are definitely feeling very very grateful to our family right now.
Thank you everyone…?

Its funny how when events like this happen, we suddenly go blank as to what else we need help with – because it suddenly all seems to happen so quickly once theres extra hands on deck, that we’re unprepared with a “list”!

The afternoon went quietly – with some going into the TownHouse for showers, and others going for a nap or just a bit of quiet time, then we all came together again for dinner, and a few quiet drinks, and some not-so-quiet conversation.

We had a family-favourite which we call “Swamp Food” for dinner – which is basically just chicken, zucchini, spinach, garlic, pepper, stock, cream and brown rice all cooked together and served in a bowl with hot crusty home-made rolls – and we did a savoury veggie-filled mince for kids.

Everyone seemed happily full once dinner was over – so thats a good thing.
Its been a while since we’ve cooked for that many people! lol

Monday morning rolled around, and following a breakfast of toast made from home-made bread, everyone packed up their things into their various cars, and the process of ‘farewells’ began.

There were a few teary eyes about the place – as despite it being left unsaid, we all knew it will be quite a while before we are all together agin, in the one place at the same time…

And just like that – it was back to just the two of us!

The Bride and Groom have embarked on their 2 week honeymoon, and everyone else has arrived safely back to their homes and lives.

And finally – there is some other ‘Breaking News‘!
(other than the amazing YES vote results!!!)

After just over 12½ years working for the same employer – the tall Mumma had decided that the time had come to reignite her passion for her work, and is now working with the team at ‘Ray White Atherton’.

There was even a lovely welcome posted on their Facebook page.
(feel free to ‘share’ it around lots!  lol) <---hint hint! >

Whilst the transition has thankfully gone smoothly – its been a very emotional time after so long in the one place – but we’re both very sure that this is the right thing, at the right time – for US.

Enjoy your week Folks – and take some time time out to do something that fills your soul!
Big Hugs!!

Cousins loved spending time with each other and other family members.
Sunday afternoon naps for some of the hard workers
The Bride & Groom – Mr & Mrs Smith
Discussion commence on how best to manoeuvre the huge beast of a chook-pen, from one paddock to another…
And they’re off and…ROLLING!
Down the driveway, around the corner, and down to the back paddock they go
And then suddenly – there was a massive garden bed marching across the paddocks!!
(sure kept the neighbours entertained! lol)
About half way to its landing ‘pad’
Being positioned over the old fire area.
Left a bit – right a bit, back a bit, no not that far – yep THERE!
Earlier in the week, the Universe sent a good omen for us! 😀
The all-important dowry!!

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