Gourd they’re good…

and Gourd they’re handy!

We grow our own loofah gourds.
They are pretty much a plant and forget kind of thing – which is something we like.

Any plant that thrives on neglect, and can be eaten or used otherwise, is a blessing.

You can eat the gourds when they are small, they’re much like a zucchini, however if left to grow to full size, they get very fibrous inside.

Once dried out, peeled and all the seeds have been removed, they are given a good wash and then set to dry on a rack.

Once dry they are stored in an airtight container until needed.

They can be used in the standard way for showering, but also make wonderful non-scratch dish / pot / car cleaners.

Each gourd contains many many seeds which can be saved.
Keep seeds in a cool dry place to extend their viability.

Seeds sprout easily, so you’ll never be without!



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