Guest Post #3


This guest post is a little different to our previous ones.
Its a pictorial!

A couple of weeks ago, we went to a christmas party held in our street – a general get-together for the neighbours in our little Community.
Our neighbours M&M and their two kids also came to the party, but they had been to another event earlier in the day, and by the time they all arrived, their two kids had pretty much had enough socialising for one day, and weren’t feeling terribly ‘chipper’.

Their son, after wandering about and saying hi to some of the other kids, happily settled down on a vacant lounge swing, with his iPad.

Their daughter however, had also unfortunately managed to get splinter in her foot prior to the street party, and this wasn’t helping her mood any.
She was (understandably!) feeling pretty miserable, and cranky…

After chatting with her for a bit – to try get her mind elsewhere, we asked if she’d like to take some photos for us.
She was pretty keen on this idea, so we showed her how to use the iPhone to take photos, and off she headed on her photographic adventure.

She was back about 20 minutes later, with probably about 30 photos that she’d taken, and in a much happier mood, wanting to show them off.

We only got to have a quick look through them at the party, but got to have a better look when we arrived home, and some of them were awesome!!

She’s young enough still, that she hasn’t had the whole societal influence of how a photo ‘should’ look – so instead, she just took pictures of things that SHE found pretty, or interesting, or fun!!

The photos were such a delight – that we asked her parents if we could share them, and got the ok.
So without further ado – here is a sample of our talented little friends beautiful handiwork…!!!



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