Happy Anniversary (again)

This time last year, we got married (again), here in NZ.
So today started slowly, with coffee and toast.
We sat around watching tele in our jammies, until it was time to get ready to go to lunch.

We’d booked the same table at Sally’s that we had last year for our reception 🙂

Enjoyed a lovely feed of fish & chips, and oysters kilpatrick.
Was pretty sweet, as they’d run out of oysters, and specially went out and sourced some from the oyster farm, just for US!!

It seems we’ve become pretty well known around Russell.
“The Girls” are a ‘notorious’ topic and sight, about the town lol 🙂
Tis nice…

One of the many thing we love here.
The beautiful sense of community, and the friendliness and inclusion.
Yup – tis nice.

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