How to get rid of unwanted ‘friends’….

We spent a lot of time discussing just this question, tonight.
And it’s (unfortunately) not the first time we’ve had this discussion, about this particular couple – but it can be a difficult one!
Difficult because, while one party is trying to sever the ‘friendship’, the other is trying to forge on with it.
We are the couple who are trying to do the severing…

And it’s been difficult.
You have to try and tread lightly.
Try and be kind.
Try not to hurt the others feelings.

But there comes a point, when you have to wonder, just how brutal you need to be for that other couple to understand, and move on….in a different direction to the one we’re in!!!

We’ve explained we do not wish to intentionally socialise with them. If we wind up at the same place fine, social pleasantries will be exchanged.
But we don’t want to go for coffee, or a meal, or any kind of outing with them.
We don’t wish to catchup, we don’t wish to chat, we don’t wish to share any info about our life, with them.

This was made even more awkward, when one of the other couple texted for a coffee catchup. They got a yes response, due to being mistakenly thinking it was someone else (kt), whom we’d seen for a brief moment on Sunday night at a dinner. Thankfully, managed to beg off, due to going away!

If we run across each other in our every day lives, we certainly won’t ignore them, we’ll be polite, but we don’t wish to engage on any level that has any depth.

Too much water under the bridge, too much crazy, call it what you will – but we’ve tried to make it clear.

Thanks, but no thanks.
We just aren’t interested!

Please be respectful and adult about OUR decision.
No more meet-up requests, no more emails, no more texts – please
Just leave us be.

If any of us runs into each other, let’s just say “hi”, and leave it at that.

Enough is enough.
We don’t want to be harsh, but it seems we’ve been left with no choice…



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