Love is in the air….

I’ve haven’t been writing, cos I’ve been a lil caught up with my showing my beautiful new girlfriend the sights of the South Island.

Ahhhh – that got your attention didn’t it!!

Let me back up a bit…

I went for a visit to the container mall with the Parentals the other day, and was enjoying the sights, sounds and smells – when suddenly the Parentals when rushing across the alley-way, oohing and ahhhing all the way.
They dragged each other into one of the shops, and I popped my head out of the tall Mummas bag to see what was going on.

I scanned around, then suddenly across the crowded container, my eyes locked with the most beautiful girl I have ever seen – and wouldn’t ya know it, the Mummas were heading right in her direction!! Eeeep!!!

Well, I decided it was time to man-up, and be brave, so I pulled my beanie into a jaunty angle, fluffed my scarf, and made sure the leather was showing on my gloves, then – in the most suave voice I could muster, I said……”Hiiiii gorgeous, I’m Larry.”
She looked me right in the eyes, and said in a beautiful soft voice: “Hey, I’m Lucy.”

Well, we chatted for a bit, kinda embarrassing when the Parentals are looking on and saying stupid shit like: “isn’t she cute”, “wouldn’t she be a great match for Larry”, and other dumb stuff!!!!

To cut a long story short, by the time we headed back to our motel at Christchurch, Lucy had joined us for our little travels around the South Island, and I was in full swing of wooing this wonderful girl into being my girlfriend, and becoming a part of our family!!

I’m such a smoooooth operator!!

We started out with a no-pressure coffee date.
A nice table without anyone else around, some good hot strong black coffee, mood lighting, a romantic atmosphere, some flowers….we talked for hours and hours!!!

Next, we decided to watch movies together – turns out we like the same kind!
We’ve been trying to take it kinda slow, but are already sooooo much in love – that it’s not really possible.

She doesn’t even mind that I sleep with my boots on.

Says it’s sexy, she does!!

It was time to be back in the car, and on our way to our next adventure, and with Lucy by my side, I was more than ready!

We spent a couple of days at Lake Tekapo, where we spent romantic time by the lake, and just snuggled and talked lots.


Next we are off to Queenstown, and I’m going to show my girl Lucy some snow, cos she’s never seen it!!

Anyways – gotta go, I’ve got some snuggling to do!! ❤️❤️❤️

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