madly mulchin'

madly mulchin’

A couple of lovely sunny yet still cool Spring days, has seen quite a bit of prep being done around the garden.

The wanna-be food forest got a much-needed weeding and mulching, ready for the onslaught of summer, with a nice thick layer of wood-chip.

We’re hoping to have all the garden beds better prepared than they were last year – which shouldn’t be too hard, as sadly not a lot of prep got done prior to the previous summers heatwaves and drought.

Bit by bit the big veggie beds are being mulched and planted too, and we’ll hopefully get to finishing the mulching down there this weekend.

We’re also hoping that we can get in a couple of loads of compost from the refuse centre over the weekend to top up the remainder of the big-ass-bed down in the paddock, so that we can finally plant out into that too.

Fingers crossed!

Mulching of the big beds has started


¼ of the ute unloaded, and its time for a cuppa


½ way through, and Hamish is helping by keeping an eye on things…


Mabi helping by keeping the paper in place until the mulch is laid over it.


looking much better


½m3 laid so far, another ½ needed for this bed at least!

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