Makin' Things

Makin’ Things

Here at Strigidae Farm – its a weekend for Makin’ Things!

There is of course – first and foremost – the obligatory Bread Makin’.

Then the makin’ of some Laundry Liquid, ‘cos it’s been a few months since we last made some and we’re almost out.

We’re hoping to get the makin’ of some Lemon Cordial done with a donation of lemons from our lovely neighbours M&M.

The makin’ of a mess – which happens right before you get to the actual cleaning up part of sorting through the wardrobe and packing away the winter warmies.

The (attempt) at makin’ some holes in the Orchard, by digging around some trees to relocate them to pots.

And last but definitely not least – we’re also hoping to get some of the exterior wall done – which as suspected, didn’t end up eventuating last weekend due to work, a social outing, resultant overfull tummies and topped off with a light dose of inclement weather!


Bread makin' & Laundry Liquid makin'


Laundry Detergent makin'


Lemon Cordial makin'


Winter packup - mess makin'


More wall makin

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