Ya should a been there!!

That’s all I can say – YA SHOULDA BEEN THERE!!!

Today was almost the most fun I’ve had all trip!

The Parentals decided it was a great day for a walk. Now me, I’m not into walking so much, but I do soooo like site-seeing, so I snuck into the tall Mummas bag once again, and off we went.
First stop – and this was the best part – was at the cable car, up the hill, to look over Wellington.

The Parentals went up last time they came here, and enjoyed it so much they wanted to do it again. I missed out last time, so I wasn’t going to miss out this time!!

So, once we were on the cable-car, I popped out and made myself known, and just enjoyed the ride.

When we got to the top, the Parentals let me have my photo taken sitting in the railing with Wellington in the background.

Wellington in my rearview mirror!
Wellington in my rearview mirror!

The tall Mumma even helped me by being a step, cos I could reach up to see through the binoculars, and I really really wanted to do that!!

Looking out on Wellington
Looking out on Wellington

When we were heading back past the cable-car, the driver asked if I would like to have my photo taken driving it, as he didn’t have to leave for a few minutes!!!
Oh ma gawd, oh ma gawd, oh ma gawd!!!
I was SOOOOO excited when the Mummas said I could!!
I think I might even have wee’d a lil bit on the dash, in my excitement when I was allowed in there ALL BY MYSELF!!


After that we went a few other places – like the museum and stuff, but nothing is going to be as exciting as that was.
Nothing ever ever ever….!

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