Popping In

Popping In


Well, here we are – back again – after a blogging break of almost two months!

We’ve needed the break to be able to regroup after a few events that shook us up a lil, and we’re still somewhat licking our wounds a bit and are trying realllly hard not to do that childish foot-stomping and yelling of – “it’s not fairrrr”….!!!

Whilst we were away, ‘Tuffy’ (our Mother / Mother-in-Law) took a bit of a tumble, and the events that followed resulted in her and her hubby moving into an Aged Care facility – which had been desperately needed for a while – but they were both very stubborn, and didn’t want to concede to what they saw – as defeat…

To make a long story pretty darn short, only a few short weeks after they moved in, Tuffy died.

We like to think that deep inside (despite her dementia) she knew that the Love of her life now had someone to care for him – because she hadn’t been able to for a long while – so on 11.06.18 at 92½ – Tuffy slipped away in the night with her amazing second-youngest daughter, at her bedside…
( Which we are eternally greatful for! <3 )

Throughout this – we had also had an ordeal with a contract on our house in town, however the potential buyer was causing us so much grief that we ended up choosing to terminate the contract, as it was causing more highly aggravated stress than not having a contract was causing us!

We now have another ‘interested party’ – and have all our appendages crossed that closer to the end of the month – we may be able to share some good news.
Please send good vibes our way!

So this week and over the weekend, we’ve been making a concerted effort to go through the rest of our ‘stuff’ that is still at the house, and toss/donate/sell whatever isn’t going to serve us in the future.
There is also some stuff that we’ll have to pack away for whatever reason, and so we’ve also been going through our shipping container at the Farm [aka ‘The Shed’] to see what’s in there that’ll go into the toss/donate/sell piles, to make room for the stuff that will be coming over from the house.

Once we get our feet back under ourselves properly again, we’ll get back to posting regularly again, and we’ll also put up some more posts of our Kiwi Adventures so that you can get a taste of what we got up to 🙂

Cant promise quite yet, just when that will BE tho – so please be patient…!

Hugs Y’all x



Grandma and four of the grandkids.

Sister & Mother – Love & Laughter

Packing up and unpacking

And a bit of freshly-mown yard porn 😀


  • joinusfordinner

    Sorry for your loss. Look after yourselves grief can sometimes sneak up on you and bring you crashing down when you least expect. Lost my husband 6 weeks ago today unexpectedly. Came home from work and found him passed away. Take care of each other.

    • TheWhitbys

      Ohhhhh Dianne! :(((
      We can’t even begin to fathom the depths of your grief.
      Thank you for taking the time to write such a lovely note – when you are SOOO in-the-thick-of-it yourself right now.
      And yes – it comes in waves when you least expect it – thats for sure! 😐
      Our loving thoughts are with you and yours.
      Huge hugs. S&S

  • Dianne Slatter

    Good luck with selling the house, stay positive. Lovely to hear from you. Sorry for your loss, try to remember the good times. Love Dianne

    • TheWhitbys

      Welllll – there’s a whole story in THAT also – as you can imagine!
      We actually DID plan to get another container – have it dropped at the house, pack it all up, then have it dropped to the farm, and the moving fees weren’t too scary – but we can’t afford the container up-front.
      So we decided to do the rent-to-buy option.
      Sent off an enquiry email – and the fees were not only nuts, but any rental paid doesn’t come off the purchase price, you just pay whatever you can afford more than the rental price, PLUS the rental fee, until you have the whole thing paid off. 😐
      So this weekend, we’re doing as much as we can by ourselves with the utes…
      Should be fun! <said with appropriate eye-roll> lol

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