Productive Monday

Today has been a nicely productive day.

1) The soil-tester folks went out and did the testing today – a day earlier than expected (!!) which means we are a step closer to knowing what options we will have in front of us regarding a septic system.

2) Very informative talks were had with Terry from ShedBoss, who took some much appreciated time out of his day, to impart some really good info, knowledge and how-to advice with regards to retro-fitting the insulation on the roof and walls of the shed, and also gave us info on new-builds – in case we do decide to go that route in the future.
A huge shout-out of thanks for putting up with all the ‘girly-questions‘ – you were incredibly helpful!!

3) We also ordered our bathroom sink and toilet from Bunnings today, so that we can get the bathroom visually laid out before making an absolute commitment.
They should be ready for pick-up by the end of the week.

Its been one of those inspiring, feel-good kinda days, that makes ya feel like:


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