Silver Linings & Love

What we’ve managed to accomplish this week:
(other than those pesky ‘paid’ jobs that one is required to attend to…lol)

The timber for the next row of the kitchen shelves has been acquired, and is ready to slot into place.
We’ve also found a new cheaper source for the termiflor that we’ll be using for the internal walls – and they’ve quoted that they’ll only charge us $15 delivery!

The shed has arrived ready for us to build it, so that we can get the ride-on mower out from where our bed is waiting to go.
Well – that’s not strictly accurate.
Box 2 of 2 has arrived.
Where box 1 of 2 is, is anyones guess – and the folks at Bunnings had a lot of blank looks on their faces when we fronted up to find out where it was – so we will try again tomorrow to get to the bottom of that little dilemma…

We’ve done up a ‘living’ whiteboard – which is essentially a list of stuff we either have to, or would like to get done, which is prioritized with different coloured markers.
Its a ‘living’ board, because the goal posts (priorities/plans) are constantly changing at this point in time.

Billy has been out and done the mowing, and the paddocks looks gorgeous, although its growing again as we watch – so much so that the oxalis and dandelions are already breaking out into flower – which the bees are loving.
And no, we haven’t come to the point of making dandelion tea quite yet – unfortunately, we’re sickeningly vanilla traditionalists when it comes to tea, and we struggle with anything outside of our much loved cuppa of extra strength Dilmah.

We actually did another run over it on the weekend, now that Max has kindly been out and shown us how to adjust the guides on the mower ๐Ÿ™‚
We really want to try and stay on top of it, so that we don’t have to continually get someone in to do it for us, but its growing at such a great rate with the warmth and wet that we’ve been having, that we’ll just have to wait and see if that’s achievable or not, over the summer months.
The good thing is though, that spending 2+ hours on the ride-on, is actually quite cathartically relaxing!! :))

Speaking of things growing as we watch, Digby is settling in well, but we are pretty damn sure that every single time he naps, he grows a couple of millimetres!
The rate at which he is growing is really quite bizarre – and despite him having the recommended 4 meals a day, as well a little puppy milk twice a day, we have yet to be able to see much of a visible difference to his protruding ribcage… ๐Ÿ˜
His height though is a whollllle other thing!
He is already towering over the top of Hamish, and he was a little bit smaller than Hamish, only two short weeks ago…!
(Molly is still being a dick about the whole thing…)

He is due for his vet check next Thursday, so it will be with great interest that we quiz the vet to ensure we’re doing ‘right’ by the little fella.
He’s incredibly happy and very active (so is using his calories as fast as we can pump them in), and luuuuurves his food – but its difficult to be sure, when one is used to seeing puppies as being round roly-poly little bundles of fur – and we’ve got this miniature clydesdale wanna-be!!

The first piece of insulation went up under the roof on Friday, and on Sunday we managed to get another two runs put up.
Its sooooo much easier doing it with two people than doing it solo, but is definitely arm/neck/back-breaking work for two old broads who aren’t used to this sort of activity.
There has been many a complaint of some very sore muscles, from us both – that’s for sure!

Sunday was actually our Anniversary, so as well as having a day of getting some stuff accomplished at the Farm, we had ourselves one of our “special picnics”.
Its a bit of a Family tradition, whereby we don’t do the usual overheated stale sandwiches and salmonella encrusted chicken for our picnics, but instead we have a variety of cheeses and cold meats – Camembert, Castello Blue, salami, pastrami, then add in some gherkins and pickled onions, a bit of patรจ, crackers etc….you get the idea….!
It’s just DELISH!!

So we had a nice day AND got some work done – so all in all, it was pretty darn OK!!

Getting the lining in place was an adventure…


The first piece is UP!!!
The first piece is UP!!!


And now we've got THREE sheets up! Yaaay us!!
And now we’ve got THREE sheets up!
Yaaay us!!


A ‘little’ visitor, who was helping with the insulation.


The zucchini are already pumping out flowers, in readiness to start fruiting.


We took some time out for our Anniversary, to sit under the shade of a tree for a pared down version of a “Whitby Picnic”.

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