• Makin’ Things

    Makin' Things

    … Here at Strigidae Farm – its a weekend for Makin’ Things! There is of course – first and foremost – the obligatory Bread Makin’. Then the makin’ of some Laundry Liquid, ‘cos it’s been a few months since we last made some and we’re almost out. We’re hoping to get the makin’ of some

  • Cooler Evenings

    Another couple of weeks seem to have flown on by, and the much welcomed cool evening are finally settling in around Strigidae Farm, and we’ve been plodding along – getting bits and pieces done about the place. We had some fairly huge downpours when the cyclone was shifting off down the coast, some of which came in – but we’re old hands at this now, and its nothing that a couple of well placed towels couldn’t fix! One of the fun things we’ve done of late, is to make our own laundry detergent. Its a super easy process, and doesn’t take too long at all – and cleans the clothes…