Unseen Changes

Its been a bit of a slack week of blogging – not because we’ve been lying on the couch eating bonbons – but because we’ve been caught up with a myriad of things…

Last weekend, we spent most of our time out at the Farm, and did a lot – but it was one of those times when what we did wasn’t making much of a visible change about the place.

Suzey was working on the kitchen – Sarah was working out in the yard.

The kitchen was a time of: one step forward and two steps back last weekend – with us deciding that the way we had the leg frames of the benches, just looked ‘wrong’, and we figured that they’d look soooo much better the other way around.

Of course we decided this after the bench frames had all been bolted and screwed into place – but figured that after we had unbolted it from the wall, it was just going to be a simple matter of sliding the whole thing out, turning it around, then sliding it back in.

Haahaaahaaahaaaaa – yep – suuuuure……bloody fools!

Unbolting was easy, sliding it out was easy, even lifting the whole darn thing and swinging it round 180° was easy.

Sliding it back in was not easy.
It just didn’t want to fit back in. Nope – not one lil bit.

Some coffee drinking, some looking at it from 18 different angles, some measuring and re-measuring and some murmurings didn’t seem to be helping things much at all.
The bloody thing should have fit – but nope – it just didn’t wanna!

It was time to bring out the big guns.
Enter the jimmy-bar.
Grunt, wedge, pry, lift, push, belt with a hammer, swear, speak sweetly – NOPE – none of it was making a scrap of difference.

Plan G needed to be enacted.

It was time to crank up the Genny, and get out – da da da daaaaaaa – the power saw.
One way or another – that bench WAS going back in that damn hole, and it was going back in the way WE wanted it to!!

A couple of “that looks about right” pencil marks were made in a couple of strategic places, and then whaaazoooom – some bits were chopped off.

Round 32 of the shifting-the-benchframe-back-into-place commenced, and we were almosttttt there.
Sooooo close….

Jimmy-bar and hammer were again bought to the party, and a couple of good grunts, shoves and thwacks – and that sucker was IN!!!
It had only taken us about 2 ½ hours ~siiiigh~

And to everyone elses eyes – it looks exactly the bloody same as it did over a week ago.
But at least we can sit and look at it, and know that those bloody leg frames are now (as far as we are concerned) the right way around.

In other events about the place…
– we now have the kipfler potatoes all planted and mulched.
– two of the raised garden beds have been bedded down, and have tomatoes, capsicum, sweet potato and beans in them – as well as a few nasturtiums in the corners for colour, bee-food and pest management.
– lots of seedlings have been potted up to bigger pots, ready to go into garden beds when we get some more sorted.
– a pile of larger trees have also been potted up – awaiting the decision on where their forever-home will be.
– we’ve also finally sourced and bought a petrol post-hole digger, which we’ve been tossing up on the idea of getting for a while, due to the soil being grey clay once you get down a bit, so its darn difficult for a couple of old broads to dig decent holes into – and we’re going to be digging a lot of holes around this lil piece of heaven of ours!

So that’s about it for last week…

We will be heading out again this weekend after work, mid Saturday afternoon, but we don’t really have a plan for what we’ll be getting up to – its been a bit of a jumbled week all in all – so your guess is as good as ours…! :))

Some of the many trees that will be planted out once we decide where they will be going.


Pops of colour, for the bees and butterflys – and just to make us happy!

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