Weed-whacking & Plan #84

Saturday saw us down at Bunnings, picking up our new loo and bathroom sink, as well as a few other ‘essential’ items – and then it was off to the farm for a bit of a working bee.

The slasher man has been and mown earlier in the week, but obviously couldn’t follow boundary-line directions, as only 2/3 of the farm got slashed. Twit! ?
Now we’re going to have to get back onto him to get the rest of it done, before its all growing at different lengths, and becomes too hard for us to manage again!

A beautiful day had been turned on for us, with a nice cool breeze, so it was up the ladder for Sarah to start cleaning out the guttering, and into the weed-whacker harness for Suzey, to get a start on the boundary fences.

All of the “West End” fence line was done, around most of the trees in “The Grove was done, and somewhat of a start was made on the bottom fence line.
It was tough hard going, but only a couple of rest-breaks were had – but damn that weed-whacker is HEAVY!
(it also happens to be taller than Sarah, when its stood on its end – so she gets out of doing this bit…!)

Only about 1/4 of the guttering got done, as we had forgotten the awesome lil tool thingy, that you can scoop out the gutters with, without actually slicing your hand off at the wrist – and oddly enough, now does not seem like a good time to be losing any of our appendages..!
Instead, it was a case of sticking some gloves on, and tweezering out the debris as best as possible, with something akin to scissor-fingers.
It was not working particularly well – and wasn’t the least bit efficient, so was put on the backburner until such time as we remember to take out the gutter-scooper-thingy!

Sunday saw us back at Bunnings to get a roll of insulation, and a bracket for the downpipe, which has come loose – then back off to the Farm for a day of work.

First thing on the agenda was to get the fence line cleared of all the scrub that had been cut yesterday, so we both grabbed a rake each, and got stuck into it.
Suzey hauling it out from under and along the fence line, then Sarah going along behind and raking it into piles to make it easier for collection and disposal.

Despite our late start due to work appointments, we did a decent job and got the entire ‘West End’ fence line done, around the trees in the ‘The Grove’ done, and a bit of a start on the bottom fence.
We’ve pretty much decided though that the bottom fence is probably going to be a bit beyond us, due to the fact that it has been let go for so long prior to our purchase….unless it involved a backpack sprayer full of petrol and a match or two —- but we’re thinking that the neighbours probably wouldn’t be madly keen on that idea – and suspect that the Fire Dept probably wouldn’t either, and would bandy about silly little words like “serious criminal charges“, “jail” and “out-of-control wildfire” – so we’re shelving that plan for now….

We finished off the afternoon by having a sudden brain-wave (which would be number #84 of the insulation plan) on just how we could achieve retrofitting the insulation to the roof – that we could do from the inside, and therefor not have to take the roof off – so after unrolling about 10 metres of insulation up the ladders we went, and started undoing some of the strapping.

We then lugged said insulation up the ladder with us – and poked it through the various runs we had managed to create, only to come to a screeching halt when we realized that we couldn’t actually do what we thought we were about to do – so we than had to undo all that we had done……!

Doesn’t it shit ya when a reallllly good plan doesn’t come to fruition!?!
Plan #85 may well involve a couple of burly guys coming around and taking the damn room off – we’ll have to re-examine that lil situation…….AGAIN!

We did have a nice late-lunch of fish & chips though – sitting on our chairs, in the doorway of our little home-to-be, feeling pretty damn happy with where we were, what we were doing, and the view we have doing it.

Cant ask for much more than that, for a semi-sunny Sunday!


Our new loo, and the new pedestal sink. All we need now is some actual water, and a sewage system lol
Our new loo, and the new pedestal sink.
All we need now is some actual water, and a sewage system lol


Suzey weed-whacking for all she's worth. A heavy hard job - but she rocked it!
Suzey weed-whacking for all she’s worth.
A heavy hard job – but she rocked it!


Looking from the house/shed, down toward 'The Grove'
Looking from the house/shed, down toward ‘The Grove’, and along the bottom fence.


Raking, raking, raking...
Raking, raking, raking….
You can see behind us, how wild the bottom fence-line is.


The results of all our raking - about 100m worth....!
The results of all our raking – about 100m worth….!


Standing in 'The Grove', looking along the bottom fence - which we're not altogether sure we're going to be able to manage to weed-whack on our own...
Standing in ‘The Grove’, looking along the bottom fence – which we’re not altogether sure we’re going to be able to manage to weed-whack on our own…



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