Contractors & a Shopping Trip.

We’ve chosen and booked our Electrician Justin to connect the mains power; we’ve booked our Plumber to put in the lines for mains water at the same time as Justin does his electrical work, we’ve been to Council and applied for our rural number and water connection; and all being well – settlement will be on Thursday!

Also – we went down to Cairns for the day on Sunday, and did the Masters & Bunnings trawl for about 4 hours.
Such fun shops to go and play in, and dream about all the things one would get, if dollars weren’t an issue lol.

We did end up getting some useful and needed items tho…

We have decided that for the time being, we are going to use that garage epoxy sealer stuff on the floor in our shed.
Its hard wearing, reasonable looking, will be easy to clean – especially taking into consideration our pets – and will serve as a useful floor sealer if/when we decide to move into a ‘real house’ and use the shed as a workshop, storage and guest quarters.
So, that will be a job that we need to get done as soon as possible, before we start filling up the shed with ‘stuff’, but at least now we are one step closer to be able to do it, after purchasing the goodies that we needed.

We also got a heavy duty brush-cutter.
It looks like a pretty nifty grunt tool, and has a whipper snipper attachment too.
AND – its also compatible with the cultivator/tiller attachment that we have our eye on.

There were a few other little bits and piece we got, but the floor-sealer and the brush-cutter were the main exciting things 🙂

Of course, we got home and thought of half a dozen things that we hadn’t got around to looking at, but they’ve now been added to the list, ready for the next trip…


Two tired but happy Whitbys

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