Brokers, Cleaning and a Container.

We went into the Brokers office on Thursday afternoon and signed all the docs that we needed to for the Farm, so that was a pretty momentous moment in time!
We’ve also already started packing up stuff that we wont need for the next 6-12 months, so that once the shipping container arrives, we can get that all packed away in the back.

We also went out to the Farm on Friday, and took our daughter-in-law out to have a look.
She was suitably excited, and loved the place, so that made us feel pretty darn good and proud.
We went out again Sunday, and took our sister/sister-in-law (who is visiting for a few days from overseas) out for a look.
She was thoroughly gobsmacked to say the least – as she had been prattling on the previous night and that morning, about how wonderful our house is now, and how lovely we’ve made it, and how much of ‘us’ is in it.
Still don’t think she can quite come to grips with why we would sell our ‘lovely home’ and move into a shed. lol.
It was pretty funny.

But that’s very ok – as we’ve said before – no one else but us needs to understand.
We’re crazy stupid excited about the prospect, and THATS what matters most :))

Also on Sunday when we were out at the Farm with the intention of moving a pile of rubble to make room for the shipping container; when we got there, the previous owners V&S were there and were clearing out the last of their stuff.
Not only that, but S was gurneying the outside of the shed for us, and once V had finished cleaning inside, was going to gurney in there for us too.
Yaaaay – BIG BONUS – and will definitely save us a day or two of work.

Today we went and selected our shipping container, and as luck would have it – they were able to deliver it this afternoon!!
Alas – between the water from the gurney, and the heavy rain we had last night and this morning, the truck got a wee bit bogged, and our container is currently in the middle of the paddock, and not on the slab lol.
Tis all good though – they will come back in a few days when things dry out, and put in the on the nice clean piece of slab that S also gurneyed for, after we’d moved the rubble.

Ohhh, nearly forgot to mention – on Friday night we did our first batch of canning with our new Ball canner.
Some gorgeous Salsa which we had on our dinner last night.
We made 6 pints (3 of salsa, and 3 of diced tomatoes) which will last us probably 3-4 months.
[will add a photo below]

Its all happening!! 🙂

Salsa and Diced Tomato


Resting in the paddock.


  • Linda Douglas

    {chuckle} in American English a gurney is a stretcher bed usually used in hospitals. I’m a former technical writer and I love discovering small differences in dialects.

    • TheWhitbys

      yep – we are both lovers of language also – and one of our favourites – is thongs.
      Ours go on our FEET! lol

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