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a new Adventure…

Helllooooo Mofos!!

Guess which good lookin’ Kiwi fella is showing his Mrs a good time tonight?

Yep ME!
That’s right folks!

Me and the Mrs are gonna start this holiday off with a nice little bit of horizontal aerobics on this lovely plush bed here.
Man oh man it’s huge!!

Then we’ll have some dinner, and get a good few hours of sleep in before it’s time to front up at the airport.

Hoping to con the Parentals into taking us for lunch by the sea tomorrow, so I might get to shoot you off a quick cheeky photo if I managed to win ‘em over!!

Wish me luck – and a Bon voyage!
Arrivederci amigos!!!!!
Love Larry

Hey Ho Mofos!

4 thoughts on “Yo Peoples!

  1. Holy shit. When I read the first bit I thought you’d been hacked. Lol have a fabulous and well deserved break both of you. ❤️❤️

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