Its only a few short days until we head off for a couple of weeks of much needed leave.

Its been two years since we last ventured away from home, and Life has certainly change a lot from what it looked like back then…

Our once bare 1.5ac block is now flouring with gardens of food, colour and visual delights.
We have chickens that love to scratch around in the paddocks, and who give us wonderful tasting eggs.
Our empty shed has been loving turned into our treasured Farmhouse home; our house in town is on the market, there has been a huge job change after 13 years in the same spot, and we’ve had some pretty hideous health issues that we’ve managed to deal with.

Its definitely been a ‘big‘ couple of years!

With that in mind – we thought we’d do a little “then and now” pictorial 🙂
We hope you enjoy looking back on how far we’ve come in such a short time – cos we did!

Our bedroom started out with a huge rack of shelving in the corner, this was the day we took all that shelving down.

Since then, we’ve put in a window and a wall, and have completed the feature wall, and have our super-comfy king-sized bed tucked away in there.

This was during the planning stages for the kitchen.

The kitchen in all its messiness, as it is today.
We’ve put in a window and a wall at this end as well.
We’ve still got more work to do here obviously, but we can’t do the back wall until we get the plumbing for the kitchen and bathroom installed, and that won’t be until after the house in town sells.
Its gonna be a pretty exciting day the day we get running water inside thats for sure! 😀

And this is what is hiding around the corner, behind the shelving that has all our crockery on it.

This is when we marked out the area where we wanted to put the big vegie garden beds.

And this is that area today.
Look how much the trees in the background have grown!!
Some of the winter crops have already been planted, and we’ll do more once we get back.
Hopefully we’ll get to put some in before we go – but time is a-runnin’ out!

And here we have what was to become our outdoor kitchen, bathroom, and recycle area…

And today!
This is where we do our dishes, have our showers, and keep all the stuff thats waiting to go to the recycle centre.

And finally – we have the food-forest wannabe.
This was taken the day we got the drainage trench dug, for the water to come in from the roadway.

Its a bit different today!
And yes, there is a house in the background now, but as you can see from the difference in the photos, its quickly being shadowed-out by the tress along the fence line, and by this time next year, we reckon you won’t even know its there 🙂


    • TheWhitbys

      Thanks Pierre.
      It does give a bit of a boost to look back on how far we’ve come, especially on those days when you feel like you’re not making too much headway lol. xx

  • haggis

    Sooo glad you’re heading off soon… you need it so much. The place looks just fabulous – what a great job, so inspiring! ! xxx

  • Helen

    You can certainly give yourselves a big pat on the back as you have achieved so much – well done 🙂

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