Rain, Rain and More Rain!

We’ve had a LOT of rain over the last few weeks, but especially so over the last couple of days, and whilst its overcast today, so far its held off – so its time to get out and do some cleanup.

We always knew we were going to have a bit of an issue with drainage – as to the naked eye, its such a very flat piece of land – but we’ve continued to hope that we can live here for at least a year, to get a full feel for how the land works, over that time – and just do the bare minimum as far as sorting out drainage goes – until we know how it all works, all through the year…

The Farm is super soggy at present though, and everywhere we walk the ground is squelching, but despite having close to 200ml in just over 24 hours, the inside of the shed has stayed dry.

The driveway is pretty sloppy in some places though, so its been out with the trolley and shovel, and using road base to fill up some of the deep holes, and lay it in along some of the deeper ruts of the track.
Its far too wet at the moment to know if this will do much good in the long run – but we’ll keep you up to date – and once the sun comes out – it all dries off pretty quickly.

The plants are loving it though, but as happens, the grass has taken off, and is almost at thigh-high in the paddock – but its too rainy and boggy to be able to get out and mow.
Did as much as possible of the the house yard with the push mower, and that was a hard slog, still being so wet – but at least close to the house is done for a little while.

Digby has been running around like a maniacal demon – splashing and digging in all the muddy puddles – then going inside and having a good shake… 😐
NOT conducive to a clean home, thats for sure.
There is mud spray on almost everything – so the order for doing things today, will be to get as much as possible done outside whilst its still overcast and reasonably cool, and worry about cleaning up the Digby aftermath later this evening.
(along with some blogging in between obviously, during rest-breaks….lol)

We’ve blocked off the bed with a range of plastic storage tubs, chairs and insulation, so at last he can’t get up there and ‘play’ 🙂

Following the girls bringing out a big pile of our potted plants, we’ve done a bit of reorganising and tidying up, so that they don’t look quite so much like a dumping of greenery.
A couple of them have already been planted out – but we’ve yet to fully decide on the layout of the non fruit/vegie plantings, so the rest will stay in pots for the time being.
But in some exciting news – the new bananas are throwing up new leaves – so thats pretty damn wonderful!

We’ve decided on doing a feature wall behind our bed, and so last week went and got a few nice long piece of marabou decking, and have done the centre panel of the wall with those, which we will later protect with a matt varnish.
Gotta say – so far its looking pretty darn snazzy!
(you’ll get photos when its finished 🙂 )

We did a test run on our flash new bread-maker, which our daughter and son-in-law gave us for Xmas.
It was somewhat of a ‘visual’ flop for the first loaf – and looked more than a little pathetic when the buzzer sounded and we pulled it out.
Tasted great though – and certainly wasn’t as stodgy as it looked at all.
We’ve never had a loaf do this before – so had no idea what had gone wrong – but a bit of research since has told us that we need to use less liquid – so will try that next time and see what happens…

We’ve also made boozy-cherries this week, with a left over glut of cherries.
Some in gin, and some in rum.
We’re looking forward to sampling the goods in a couple of months 🙂

One of the good things about cool rainy days: the last big piece of insulation has finalllllly gone up to line the roof, and now its just the little in-fill bits that need doing!!

Next will be to line the wall of the bathroom that gets the morning sun, as we’ll be using cement sheeting prior to water-proofing for the internal walls in there, not the termiflor.
That will be a nice easy job though 🙂

Now that the ‘silly-season’ is over and done with – its back into the routine of work for us both – and its going to be a difficult slog the next few months, but we’re sure to get through it…
This is something we both want too much, for the technicalities of the everyday to hold us up for too long!

As always – if you’re enjoying the ride so far, feel free to sign up using the form below the photos to get each new update sent directly to your inbox.
Until next time – have a good one and look after YOU!


Its a wee bit soggy out there right now!
The hard slog with trolley and shovel, of filling up the tracks of the driveway with road-base.
That look of utter guilt when you’re busted after sneaking inside, and shaking mud all over everything!
Managed to get part of the lawn mowed with the push-mower 😐
One lot in Gin, one lot in Rum.
Now for the wait!
The new bread maker, just as it started.
It was a bit of a tragic looking loaf for a first effort.
This is the top!
Some pretty purple mushroom that have cropped up from all the rain.


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