Bit of a crap-fest.

This week it’s been a bit of a crappy week.

The week had started well, with four of the big new garden beds being assembled in the rain, but we ran out of screws before we got the rest done, and didn’t want to risk extra trips on the already mushy driveway to go into town to get more, in case we couldn’t make it back in or out – so that came to a disappointing halt.

We’ve had another week of almost continuous rain, and of course work; but a seriously dodgy hip threw a spanner in the works at 3am – early on Thursday morning – that ended up in a trip to A&E in agony, drugs, Drs appointment, an X-ray, and time off work to look after a thoroughly drugged up, incapacitated and bed-ridden spouse – so not a lot has been accomplished around the Farm.

Huge storms Saturday afternoon with high winds, cracks of lightening and booms of thunder for a good 45mins – right over the top of us, put an instant halt to work out in the paddock.
So it was inside to sweep up the floors as best as possible in such damp weather.
Cordon off the bed once again so stinky soggy Digby couldn’t get to it, pop on a podcast to listen to, and get out the books for a bit of forward planning.
The podcast couldn’t be heard over the din of the storm – so books it was! 🙂

Sunday, the weather held off long enough to get some more of the beds for the big garden put together, and to get the mowing of the house yard done, and some of the paddock done too – but the grass is getting to the point of being too long for Bazil the tired old ride-on now, and the ground is still super soggy and boggy – so the ride-on is breaking down often – which leads to a frustrating 20-30mins of swearing and coaxing and tinkering, to get it back moving again – only to have it happen all over again in a very short amount of time. 😐

Discussion is currently being had that we just might have to bite the bullet and get a new one that can handle what we need of it – as having to get guy in to slash it, is just ripping up the paddock into deep ruts, which further complicates the mowing process – and means that at some point we’ll need to invest even more time and money into repairing the chewed-up paddock.

So, unfortunately there isn’t much news to impart this week!
Hopefully more next time though 🙂

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Until next time – have a good one and look after YOU!

Its good to finally be able to get a start on putting the garden beds together. Its going to be even better once we can fill them and get the veggies in! 🙂
An exhausted and muddy Digby, after yet another mega-frolic in some seriously huge puddles.

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