A lil overwhelmed..

Over the last couple of weeks I have been slowly decluttering, selling off stuff, cleaning out things, donating stuff and throwing away stuff; all in an effort to try and make this business of ‘downsizing’ a bit easier bit.

It’s all a bit overwhelming sometimes, and I don’t think the enormity of the job at hand has really fully been thought about, by my DW…

I’m the ‘homemaker’ in this team, and whilst I bring in small bikkies, my DW is definitely the major ‘breadwinner’.
As such, that means that the majority of the gardening, shopping, cleaning, packing and culling of our current home, and the making of our new home into a welcoming, comfortable and loving space – is and will be (mostly – but not all!) up to me.

Having raised 7 children, and lived in 4 houses at two opposite ends of Qld, we’ve amassed a lot of stuff over the years, and a lot of it is stuff we don’t use, need, or even particularly want – it’s just accumulated and grown – and sometimes it seems it multiplies with a life of its own!

And I do soooo love the home we have created here, but I also know it’s time to move on…

The house is essentially 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge, dining, kitchen, sunroom/office, front patio, back deck; is double story, and has a self-contained area / studio downstairs with shower and toilet.
Plus a workshop, carport, and garden shed.

And then there’s the garden – which whilst some areas are ‘controlled’ (like the veggie gardens and terrace) other parts of it are running rampant, and have insidious vines trying to cover everything in its way and beyond!

Its allll toooo big and tooooo much to look after now – between the maintenance, cleaning and gardening – and I just can’t keep on top of it – and it’s becoming more costly for us each year, to keep doing the repairs and upgrades.

So – sometimes I get to feeling a bit overwhelmed.
Scared of what’s still to come with this huge job ahead.
Feeling a bit like I’m just not quite doing ‘enough’…
Its only because of my self-doubt, because of the expectations I have of myself – of what I ‘should’ be able to do/achieve, and in what sort of timeframe…Its certainly not because of any expectation by others!

I’m just swamped a bit right now – ‘cos we are at a bit of a stand-still as far as moving things from one place to the other goes…
Our container (which we really must give a name to!) is still stuck out in the middle of the paddock, and we’ve been told we can’t put anything in it until its been moved to its final place on the slab.
We cant move stuff into the shed, because we have to empty everything OUT of the shed, to be able to do the floors.
And I’ve done about as much packing up as I can at the moment around the house – unless we want the main areas of the house covered in boxes – and me being me – I like for my darling DW to come home to a restful home – not a packing-boxes storage centre!

I’ll get there…
I’m sure I’ll stumble a time or two – or ten – on this lil adventure, and maybe I’ll even fall a few times – but it’ll be ok.
At the end of each dark night, there’s a brand shiny new day to wake up to – with a wealth of possibilities in front of us!



    • TheWhitbys

      Its not that its too much too handle as such – its just a lack of time to service both gardens, so the veggie garden at the house in town, has been ‘de-commissioned’.
      Not a lot of receptive folks to the idea of share-farming in this particular town…that we have found in 13 years of being here anyways lol

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