When the stars align.

It’s been a wonderfully great day already – and it’s only just past lunchtime!!

We had an appointment with our electrician Justin today, who was coming out to officially meet us, and get a proper look around the farm.
He also bought Danny with him, who is our plumber.
We spent some time wandering around and deciding what would go where, and when.
We’re now definitely booked in for them to start as soon as the power pole arrives – which will probably be in about a fortnight.
They’re both really nice guys, and had some great and muchly appreciated info and advice for us.

BUT – there were other awesome things about the morning too tho.

When we arrived, council had not only done the water meter, but had also put in the rural number!
– when we drove around the corner to the shed, sitting there – shining brightly in all its creamy cleanliness – was the shipping container!
Smack bang on the slab where it was supposed to be!

Big, huuuuge excited two-thumbs-up and happy dancin’ from TheWhitbys.
NOW we can start moving stuff from house to farm.

And in another big plus, someone who owes us a decent chunk of change came round just after lunch, and gave us 2/3 of it.
Yaaaay! We can afford to at least pay for a couple things we need now!

It’s looking a lot like tomorrow might be quite a busy day indeedy :)))

We finally have a rural number! RN35 - that's US!! :))
We finally have a rural number!
RN35 – that’s US!! :))


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