Busy, busy, busy!

A bit of a delayed update – ‘cos we’ve been busy lil (ok – maybe not so lil!) Wimmin over the last few days or so – our apologies!

So it was out to the block bright and early on Friday, to open the shed for Justin (by now you should know he’s the electrician!) so he could fiddle about with lights, power-boards and such – and attend to the arrival of the pole.

It was a bit of an exciting drive in from the gate to the shed, as the ground was pretty sloppy from the rain – and thus most of the drive in was spent fishtailing from one side to another…
(one of those times ya happy that one of your cars happens to be a light tinny little number lol )

For some reason the pole ended up being late, so Justin didn’t come out until just before lunchtime, and then – despite a warning text – the poor bugger promptly got bogged only about half way in.

Alas – it seems two things went a bit wrong…
Firstly – not only did he have his trailer attached – with all manner of blokey electrical type stuffs in it; but he also forgot he had bags of cement in the back, and those suckers are heavy!

Secondly – he went off the driveway onto the grass – which he’d done successfully during the week, but not-so-much today – after all the constant drizzle we’ve had in the last 24 hours…

Poor fella must have spent about half an hour unhooking his trailer and shovelling sand under his tyres before he managed to get enough traction to get back out – but he still managed to have a smile on his face after tho!
A very patient lad that one…!

The time spent waiting for Justin wasn’t wasted though – four raised garden beds got put together, and are all ready to go as soon as we decide just where they are going! 🙂

Also got a whole pile of stuff taken out to the container, that really didn’t need to be in the shed, so it made the space a bit tidier – but as it turned out – that was only a momentary thing….

Saturday afternoon, after a scrumptious luncheon of homemade pikelets with jam and cream, and a cup of tea – it was with full tummies that we were back out to the Farm after work, and got one lot of flat-pack shelving built, and also got a start on taking down the floor-to-roof shelving in what is going to become our bathroom.

We’d got a late start to the day – damn work getting in the way of things as it does – so it was back home to a shower and dinner, before the rain came in again – which it did just as we were leaving…

Sunday morning and it was off to Bunnings (cant break with tradition now can we!) to pick up a few quick things – yep, ok, so it took about an hour or so, cos we like Bunnings – before heading out to the Farm.

We each had a fair bit that we wanted to achieve for the day, so got stuck straight into it.
More shelving to dismantle, some semblance of a temporary kitchen to mock-up, the front gutters to be cleaned, and making up 3 compost bins were the intention….

Suzey got stuck into pulling some more of the shelving down and apart, which is being done very carefully so that we can reuse the timber. And which isn’t the easiest of jobs, as its all been nailed – not screwed – together.

For Sarah it was up the ladder to clean out the front guttering – this time with the little gutter-cleaning tool thingy at hand.
That lasted about 8.6 seconds before it got thrown back down on the grass, as it was too damn fat to get back out of the gutter, once it was full of gutter-sludge. ~siiighhhhh~

So, rather than move the ladder every 10 minutes, it was up onto the roof, and back to the “Sarah scissor-fingers” method of gutter cleaning…The job got done though!

Then it was off to the pallet pile, to sort through and work out which ones were going to be used for the compost bins.

Some lugging of seven pallets in decent condition off to the proposed compost bin area ensued, then with the assistance of about $6 worth of zippy-ties, the bins were all upright, looking like they should, and pretty damn sturdy into the bargain!

Some brackets will be added in time – which we do have ready to go – to ensure that they stay sturdy, as it will only be a matter of time before weathering takes its toll on the zippy-ties, and they corrode and break, but they are certainly a useful ‘second pair of hands’ when doing this sort of thing on ones own…

With the compost bins completed, it was time to pick up the first run of weed-whacking debris from last weekend, and throw it into the first bin. After all – it needed christening!

We even managed to stake out a rough area of where we think the big vegie garden will be going – but then again the plans for that have changed about 43 times too… ~grin~

Suzey had been wildly busy with the generator and power-saw going, slicing timber into suitable sizes.
(remember that momentarily clean shed? yep – it was now full of sawdust and wood offcuts….)

Frames were laid out for where the planned kitchen will go, and timber placed in relevant places to simulate the layout – and it was all going great guns – right up until the point that it was time to start putting some things together, when it was realized that we hadn’t actually remembered to bring the metal drill-bit with us.
Duuuh!! ….its a metal shed ya twits….. 😐

We got a lot done though – and were pretty pleased with our efforts.
And- as luck would have it – Justin (yes! – the bloody Electrician – remember!?!! jeeeze…) made it back out yesterday – and the shed is now allllll fully wired – and is just waiting for the Electricity Co to ‘flick-the-switch’!

Exciting indeeeeedy!!!!


Beautiful raised garden beds - 4 of them in all, so far
Beautiful raised garden beds – 4 of them in all, so far
Some fla0-tpack shelving erected.
Some flat-pack shelving erected.


Mid compost-bin construction.
Mid compost-bin construction.


All ready to go - gorgeous compost will be had in no time flat!
All ready to go – gorgeous compost will be had in no time flat!


Starting the huge job of pulling down the shelving - which had all be _nailed_ not screwed :-|
Starting the huge job of pulling down the shelving – which had all be _nailed_ not screwed 😐


Mocking up where the kitchen benches are going to go,
Mocking up where the kitchen benches are going to go


Rough stake-out of the 'big' vegie garden location.
Rough stake-out of the ‘big’ vegie garden location.


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