The tap runneth over.

Another exciting Monday was cast upon us – with Justin and Danny (the Electrician & Plumber) having been out at Strigidae with all manner of diggers, trucks and such – and when we went out on Monday evening after work, the power and water pipes had all been run to the corner of the shed, and with the turn of a stop-cock – water was happily flowing….!!!


The boys had also put a huge big mound of soil over in the corner for us, ready to use in the raised gardens we have waiting for just such an event.
The soil was left over from digging the trenches out – as they had been backfilled mostly with sand, so that in the event that we need to get to any of the lines, they are easy to find, and easy to re-dig.

We’re now thinking we might approach them and see if we can be their “dumping ground” for a while, if they have other diggy type jobs that results in nice soil, that the clients don’t want the left overs of.
Ya never know unless ya ask!! 🙂

The power pole goes in at the end of the week, and then its just a matter of the electricity co ‘getting their paperwork in order’ – and we’ll have lights and power in the shed.

And in another stroke of luck, a conversation was had with the developer from the farms over the fence – and they are pretty gun-ho about forking out for some new fencing.
The current fence is hanging in by a cobweb and a prayer in some places, and it also has a fairly high component of barbed wire.
Rusty wire is not something anyone should be desperate to play with…..and we sure aren’t.

We also don’t have the smartest dogs in the valley – so we’re kinda keen that they don’t wind up being canine shish-kabobs…

Last night – we had a bit of an in-depth discussion about what each of us feel that we ‘need‘ to have done out at the Farm, before each of us would be happy to look at moving out there properly.
Happily – we are both on exactly the same page – with basically the only ‘need’, being a good comfortable bed, and decent enough fencing that the dogs don’t become either roadkill – or a pest to the neighbours by inviting themselves in and watching their tele whilst lying on their couch 😐
Not really a good look from the new folks on the block, and probably wouldn’t make for great neighbourly relations for the future.

Anywaaaaay – what we both want, is to get our current home pretty much emptied out as quickly as we can – so that we can get done all those annoying things that have needed doing for ages – but that we haven’t bothered to get around to; and also get a mega for-sale type clean happening inside and out – so we can prepare to get the house on the market as quickly as possible.

We have always had it in our mind that we wanted it on the market by Christmas – but we’d both be pretty darn happy if we could do it before then!
We are realistic though – the putting on of the power and water has taken some serious dollars, and we’re going to need to put a decent amount of dollars into the house to get it up to spec – so not only do we need to keep an eye on the pennies, but we also have work and just that general every day thing called ‘Life‘ to consider in amongst it all as well.

We’ll get there though.

We’re pretty determined old broads when we put our mind to something – but we also aren’t too hard on ourselves (or each other) if we don’t get things done quite when we’d like to.

Its alllllll part of the Adventure!

Beautiful, beautiful healthy soil, all ready to go into our raised vegie garden. We've just gotta build them now! lol
Beautiful, beautiful healthy soil, all ready to go into our raised vegie garden.
We’ve just gotta build them now! lol
Water, Water - the tap runneth over!
Water, Water – the tap runneth over!
We've almost got Power. Its sooooo close....
We’ve almost got Power.
Its sooooo close….

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