Many of you will remember that for the first half a dozen years of our lives together we did quite a lot of camping up and down the east coast for two or three weeks at a stretch, a couple of times each year.

When we moved up to the Tablelands, we stopped doing the east-coast camping trips, however we soon bought a bus and would go on adventures; and at Easter and Christmas times, we would stay out with our extended family on their acreage for a couple of weeks.

In time the bus got old and dodgy, we got busy with our work and school commitments, the kids all grew older and had lives of their own, and so we sold the bus…

We later bought a caravan – thinking that it might be more convenient and easier for us to just be able to pack up and go whenever we had a spare couple of days; and that we’d not have to worry about an engine that would be in need of regular routine maintenance and really shouldn’t be left just sitting around, like the bus had been.

We were wrong.

Whist we could happily live full-time in a static caravan, it turned out we are not the caravanning type of people when it comes to the travel aspect of it.

The caravan just sat in the driveway like a huge garden ornament, taking up space for the majority of the time, and we eventually admitted defeat and sold that too…

Over the years we’ve missed not going on our little camping adventures, however as we got older and the years progressed, we then started going to New Zealand for our holidays – which was something that we absolutely loved and treasured; and had we been younger and our circumstances different we undoubtedly would’ve moved to New Zealand – however they aren’t and we aren’t – so we didn’t!! ?

Fast forward and here we are in times of C19, where for the most part people can’t travel overseas – and travelling interstate is incredibly risky – particularly when you might have to unexpectedly quarantine for two weeks at the drop of a hat, and at great expense.

And in all honesty – when your career and income requires you to be on hand and pretty accessible to people; being locked up in quarantine isn’t really a viable option!

Sooooo – as many of you will know – our children, grandchildren, and other family members – plus others who are special to us – are spread far and wide up and down our amazing country; so recently [insert drumroll] we came to the decision to once again get ourselves another bus!
(well – a courier van actually, if were being technical)

This time we decided to save money and increase the fun-factor for ourselves, so we’re starting with a ‘blank / empty canvas’ and doing the fit-out ourselves – because we’re both pretty handy and we can do this together – throwing a few hours at it here and there, as time and weather permits.

We feel like it’s going to be good for us, having a different project other than every spare minute only being spent on the house & farm; and we get to future-plan for trips away when we’ll be able to go visit allllll those people we’re looking forward to seeing – while still having our own home-base and personal space with us – which is important for us.

In time, the van will also be useful as a ‘spare room’ for people who’d like to come visit and sleep-over.
We’ll be sure to include any shenanigans and build updates that we do, in our irregular updates from now on…

Soooo without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to Noah – our new-to-us LDV V80 courier van.
We’re a bit excited 😀


ℕ??? ????? ✌︎


a blank canvas awaits…


Blaze checks out the new garden ornament and gives his approval.


Its tiring work for a little doggy.
Hamish keeps an eye on the building going on.


X marks the spot!
This is going to be scary business.
Cutting a hole in Noah to put in a window ?


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