RECIPE: Corned Beef Fritters

All the sensible people buy a silverside that’s far bigger than they’re going to need for dinner – because, well FRITTERS!!

We think that in some homes – truth be told, probably the #1 reason to buy silverside at all is – well yes – FRITTERS!!

So here you go – for those who want to know – this is how its done at Strigidae Farm ?

we add whatever vegies are current in the garden or leftover in the fridge – so there’s usually tomatoes in them, numerous fresh herbs, plus a glob of sweet chilli sauce.

Whatever you decide to add or take out is personal choice – pretty much as long as you stick to the first 5 ingredients for consistency.
We also make a triple or quadruple batch and freeze in lots of four, to have on hand at those times when you need a quick meal!

Diced leftover cooked silverside / corned beef
2 Eggs
½ cup Self-Raising Flour
½  cup grated cheese
Salt & Pepper to taste
1 tbsp Mixed Herbs [optional]
Capsicum diced
Spring onion diced
Extra vegies and herbs [optional]

In a large bowl whisk eggs – then add cheese, seasonings and any diced vegies.
Mix well.
Add and gently fold through enough self raising flour so that the mixture becomes gooey but not runny, and stays together in a clump on the spoon.
Drop spoonfuls into a slow-heated frypan with a generous coating of oil.
Shallow fry fritters on both sides until golden, turning once.

Can be eaten hot or cold.
Easily reheated in oven or microwave.
Can be frozen once cooled.

We serve with tomato or sweet chilli sauce and a salad for dinner, or on their own with just a sprinkling of salt for lunches.



A lovely gloopy consistency

Cook until golden brown on both sides – turning once.

The end result! Deeee-lish-ussss!

A triple batch made enough for two loads for the freezer, and enough left for our evening meal.

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