Cyclone Prep

Looks like we’re in for a ‘compulsory’ weekend clean up around the Farm!!

The possibility of a late cyclone has reared its head, and according to the media-of-the-moment, it may well cross the coast late sunday or early monday.

Of course cyclones never go according to plan – so its always a case of watch and wait, but while you’re doing the watching and the waiting, it does pay to do some cleaning up, just in case – and so that you aren’t rushing about at the last minute – thoroughly unprepared if it does turn up!

Sooooo – instead of planting out into the now-filled big garden beds, as we had hoped to do this weekend – we will be holding off, because if we do get a big blow, we don’t want all our hard work to be ruined.

Instead – once we have got the property as secure as we are able, we’ll probably get into making up a pile of trays, and planting seeds instead – which we will plant out once they have sprouted, and have some strength to them.

At this point we aren’t sure how much viable seed we have left from all that we have had stashed away over the previous year – as a lot of them somehow managed to wind up in a bucket, which then somehow wound up being in a spot that meant water could collect in it, and when we finally came upon them accidentally – some of them had already begun sprouting!!

Its already overcast, has been drizzling on and off and the skies are rumbling.
The Early Warning Network has sent out the first of its Cyclone Watch warnings, and we have begun the job of prepping.
The Farm is already so very very wet from having had so much rain of late, that more rain will not be terribly pleasant for the ground at this point…

On another matter – Digby has been going pretty stir-crazy this week being at the house in town, and was sooooo happy to finally get to the Farm – however he went batshit crazy for about 2 hours.
He’s been rather like a two year old full of red cordial and easter eggs today…

Apart from running and dive-bombing into every single mud-puddle he could find – and there are a lot at the moment (!!), he felt he had to visit every single corner of the Farm, coming back in between visits so he could repeatedly shake mud everywhere that he could manage to get to; AND he stinks and looks like a swap-rat – AND he wants to play lap-dog!!

Ohhhh – he also decided that eating eight (yes EIGHT) capsicum right off the bush was a good idea for pre-lunch snackies!!!
He finally (thankfully) fell into a heap with exhaustion a little while ago, but we’re not looking forward to him waking up – as we’re pretty sure he’s just recharging his batteries for round two!! 😐

We’ll let you know how it goes….!
(yep – both with the cyclone possibility, AND the dog!!)


Time to get a wriggle on and clean up this mess!!!
You can see how wet and squishy the ground is already!

The first of many of the BoM models that we’ll get to watch over the next couple of days….


Digby with a bad case of the mentals!


He seriously is one crazyyyy puppy!


    • TheWhitbys

      Hi Lynda.
      Thankfully the cyclone has now dropped lower than where we are, and whilst it is sill incoming, it is looking like we will only get some strong winds….
      Got lucky on this one!

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