There she blows!

We got very lucky this time round – with the cyclone dropping down further south.

We were concerned that our first cyclone on the Farm was going to be this one, and whilst we prepared as well as we could, there was definitely some angst about how we would fare.

As happens when events like this pop up – one tends to have a quiet word to “the above” – which in our case is always to two in particular, of our departed relatives: Dallas & Mac.

Just a general kind of “please keep us, and our kids and grandies – safe“.

Well we had a bit of a discussion about this last night – and comically (at the same time) both said: ” I guess Mac figured he doesnt need the house in Bowen any more!

As we put this out, the cyclone is crossing the coast, right near Airlie Beach – which is about 7 hours drive south of us, and about an hour south of Bowen.

Unimaginable devastation will result from this event, and we can only hope that no-one loses their Life – because there will certainly be soooo much that IS lost…

Our hearts go to out to all involved, and our deepest gratitude, respect and appreciation to all involved in the months and months of cleanup, to come….it’s gonna be hard for them…



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