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We’ve had some sunny days!!

Oh yes indeed they have been truly glorious, as only crisp sunny winter days can be – thoroughly gorgeous.

Days like the ones we’ve had this week, just bring about a happiness deep in the soul that can be quite hard to explain without sounding like some spaced-out 60s hippy – but suffice to say, they’re just gob-smackingly stunning!!

We had enough good days in a row, that we were able to let the blokes dropping off the soil know that it was finally dry enough to come out, as soon as they had a spare bit of time – which finally happened at the end of last week.

As luck would have it, one of us was actually at home when the truck turned up – so directions were given to the driver to pull up tight to the gates of the house-yard, then swing the truck backward to dump it in the same place as the last load went.

Boys being boys, as soon as a watchful eye wasn’t being kept, and it was back off to inside to continue with doing chores, he drove the truck forward down into the bottom paddock (the absolute opposite direction to which he’d been told) – and promptly got himself bogged!

On heading down to check out just what sort of disaster he’d created for himself – he looked up guiltily, at which point he was told: “well you seem to know what you’re doing – so we’ll just leave ya to it!” and it was back to inside chores – admittedly quietly chuckling somewhat…

After leaving him to stew for about a half hour, headed back out.
He advised that one of the other trucks was in town, and would be coming to help get him out.

Another half hour of him stewing in the paddock and “SpongeBob” arrived.
A mammoth beast of a truck, clad in a bright canary yellow paint job.
This thing was huuuuuuge!

Instantly visions erupted of having TWO trucks as static art sculptures in the middle of the paddock for the next foreseeable future…

Thankfully however, the driver of “SpongeBob” has a bit of experience and nous behind him, and managed to extract the first truck with minimal extra damage to the paddock or driveway, the soil was dumped, and off they slunk…

We still haven’t received a bill from them, so we’re guessing that not only did they feel royally crummy about ripping up the paddock, but they also managed to realise that they’d dumped the wrong order of soil! ~sheesh~!
Thankfully – its useable for what we want, but certainly not our preferred (or requested) choice!

We have been gradually filling the two big beds that have been awaiting soil.
One in the big vegie garden, and the one in the house yard that our eldest daughter built when she was here.

All the current beds in the big garden have now been filled, but we are hoping to extend and add a few more beds down there, as time and energy permits.
We have the timber ready to go for one of them, so its more case of ‘getting our shit together’, rather than actually needing anything to complete at least one more! lol 😀

The big bed in the house-yard will have mostly salad vegies in it, as we are heading once again into the warmer weather, and we’re pretty much salad junkies once it starts to get hot, so having the ‘salad’ growing in the house-yard just makes good common sense for ease of access – as we tend to collect dinner right before we make it – so trudging down to the big garden when its pitch black out (and often raining!) isn’t high on the list of things you most want to be doing at the end of a long day…

We will be transplanting some of the veg out of Horatios bed, into the new bed, as its well beyond time for that bed to have a good turn over, and have some compost and more soil added, as its settled a lot over the last year, and so its well due for a bit of TLC.

On Friday night – as you may have seen from the FB post, we rearranged the kitchen a bit, so that we had better storage for our crockery and for the pantry – after our makeshift mobile breakfast bar / island bench decided to give up the ghost just as we were about to have dinner earlier in the week – making a ghastly jolting crash and one of the [full!] drawers began falling apart, and simultaneously coming off one of the runners.  ( << thats one way to get two women to move veryyyy quickly!)

We’ve also tizzied up the entrance to our little piece of Paradise some-what.
We inherited an old metal chest when we bought the Farm, which we’d always planned was going to make a nice raised bed – and it now has pride of place near the front gate to our house-yard, and looks pretty snazzy with its mixture of colourful plantings in place.

The rain has come back in again today – so we are back to doing a few jobs that we can do undercover.
One of the things we are starting on today, is ‘rejigging’ the outdoor bathroom.
We’ve had a bath leaning up against a wall for probably about 10 months now, and we thought that it was time for it to be dusted off and put to use – either in the yard as a raised garden bed – or in the outdoor bathroom as – well…..a bath!

Being that we have been showering using a kids clam-shell pool as a shower-tray for the last 6+ months, we thought that we might just go all up-market and posh, and install the bath instead!
And not only will it contain the water a little better when we’re actually showering than the clam-shell pool does – but its going to be a darn sight easier to empty – being that it has an actual plug-hole (unlike the clam-shell!) which we can connect a run-off hose to!

We’re moving up in the world Folks….!


“SpongeBob” – a seriously biiiiig mutha trucker!!


“SpongeBob” – after the rescue, of the twit who drove down into the paddock. By this point they had finally unloaded…!
Starting to fill up the last of the big beds that we’ve already built.
We’re still planning on expanding this area.
Papered, mulched and watered – all ready for planting once it settles for a couple of days.


The big bed that has just been filled is at the back right of this pic, behind the tomatoes.


Broccoli and cabbage for dinner – can’t get any fresher than this!


Finally filling up the big bed in the house yard.


This one is all ready for planting now too, once it settles for a couple of days.


Switching things up a bit!
(with a quiet nod to our HJK who has been living abroad for a few years now)


Rye Dough.
½ is made into a loaf for sandwiches or toasting
½ is made into rolls.


The smell of bread cooking is just heavenly!


Jac & Izzy have settled into their new digs, and finally left us a lovely little surprise!!
Decisions, decisions, decisions….
Deciding on the best layout – cos it’ll be like this for a while….well until we decide otherwise! lol


The tizzied up entrance to our house-yard.
And yes – our shower is behind that lovely colourful wall – incase you managed to pick it!

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