Today we’re rockin’ it out – and we’re jammin’….!

Strawberry Jammin’ that is 😀

Yep – you can buy home-brand strawberry jam for super-cheap at the local supermarket, but when you read the ingredients on the back of the jar/tin, it can definitely give you a case of the willies, wondering why allllll that unnecessary stuff is even in there – and wondering just how much actual strawberries it even contains…

So – at the moment in our part of the world, strawberries are thriving, and if you don’t grow them, they can be purchased for around $4kg – so who wouldn’t want to make jam?!?!

And today we decided to try something different…

Our trusty bread-maker actually has a ‘jam’ setting – which means we can toss all the ingredients into it, pop it on the jam setting, and wander off and do something useful – instead of having to stand around the cooking pot, stirring and watching for anything up to an hour and a half, until its ready.

So – into the bread-maker it all went, set a timer to remind ourselves to have jars ready in about 90 mins, pressed start, then went off and did other stuff.

Just prior to the 90 mins being up, the jars were preheated in the oven (to sterilise them, and so that they don’t crack when you add boiling jam) then as soon as the bread-maker had done its thing, into the jars the jam went.

6 glorious jars we got!
We’ll probably get some more strawberries and do another batch run – then that will be our jam supply sorted for a year.

Oh – and licking the cooled remains off the utensils and out of the bowl was pretty alright too.

luscious cheap strawberries ready to be dehulled and halved/quartered
ready to pop in the pot
into the bread-maker, and leave it to work some magic!
6 glorious jars all happily ‘popped’
Our neighbour was very happy to score a fresh jar of jam!

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