Our First Working Bee.

A rare Sunday of no appointments, so today we popped on some work clothes, grabbed the garden gloves, mower, whipper-snipper and packed up our thermos, some coffee, a few munchies, some milk, and our cups, and stuck it all in the ute (whos name is Zane incase you’re wondering!) and headed out to ‘the Farm’ do a bit of a cleanup.

We’ve had quite a bit of steady rain over the last few weeks, and we wanted to check out whether or not any of it was coming in under any of the door of the shed.

While we have been away on holidays the grass has grown a lot, as it hasn’t been slashed in about 8 weeks, so its about waist height over most of the block, and about calf height around the actual shed itself.

Suzey went to work with the whipper-snipper – which promptly died, and I started with weeding around the front and side of the shed.
With the snipper deciding that it just was not going to play fair, she cranked up the mower instead, and got into giving us a 6ft clear area right around most of the shed.
She also mowed a line from the edge of the shed, to one of the corner posts at the start of the driveway, where we want to later run the fencing for the dogs – and whilst it may not have been the straightest line ever mowed, it gave us a good idea of how big the area was, which we have planned in our head, for them.

Our neighbour Michael popped his head over the fence, introduced himself, welcomed us to the neighbourhood, and offered us his help if we needed it – so that was nice.
He has also offered to leave the water on to our block (it currently runs through his place), until we either get mains water connected, or get a tank put in – in case we needed it for anything. What a top bloke!
He even said that once it was all settled, we’d have to all get together for some drinks.
Nice neighbours are a good and welcome thing indeedy!!

We spent a really nice few hours, just enjoying the feeling of getting something done, while we wait for July 1.

It was a good day, and we left happy, and feeling like we’d made a bit of a difference to our little slice of Heaven – cant ask for more than that.

Oh, and if you’re wondering….? No water had seeped into the shed.

Suzey mowing

 Sarah weeding.

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